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You can hire a dwarf for the day for any kind of party or occasion you like, including both stag dos and hen dos. Our little people are flexible and ready to have fun with you whatever the party is, they don’t care what the occasion, they just love to party!
Midget hire for stag pirates still remains the most popular because crazy stags just love to push the boundaries, but hens are getting in on the action more and more these days and a hen night dwarf is becoming a regular sight. So if you love Tyrion Lannister and you want him at your party, or you’d love to be snow white and you want to hang out with one of your very own dwarves, your hen party could offer you the perfect opportunity to do just that.


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“Excellent service. Transparent communication. The stripper we hired was great – the lads gave brilliant feedback when she left”
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Midgets For Hire Near Me
Hire a local Dwarf in the UK or Ireland. See popular cities and areas below.
Hire a male or female midget for your stag do and you can add in some extra fun. This pocket rocket can be your small stripper, she’ll even dominate your stag if you want to really shock him. He’ll never live this down and you can all capture the look on your stag’s face as you photograph his amazement at what you’ve got planned.
Our dwarfs for hire are for any kind of party or occasion, they’ll be up for some fun no matter what the party is.

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Why hire a Dwarf?

This little bundle of laughs loves karaoke and they’ll be eager to sing…and even more eager to get the groom or bride up to sing with them! They can bust some moves on the dance floor and if that’s not enough you can really surprise your stag or hen, and have your midget handcuffed to them for the day! Imagine your stag or hen being tied to their dwarf friend for the whole party. Everyone around town will be staring at them and no one’s going to forget this party!
With your stag or hen firmly handcuffed to their dwarf, they’ll have no choice but to get out there and throw some shapes with them. And when it comes to karaoke, this dwarf won’t be singing alone! Your dwarf for hire also loves to play practical jokes. Just like Weeman from Jackass and he likes to be in on the action, whatever he is. These guys and girls might be small, but they won’t hold back.

What costumes does a Dwarf wear?

When it comes to outfits you can choose what you want your dwarf to wear. Your stag night dwarf can arrive as leprechaun, wonder woman, or you could go for the traditional outfits like policeman. If you want to totally humiliate your stag you could have your very own little miss whiplash. She (or he) might be small but fierce and feisty!
For your hen night midget there’s a great range of costumes you can choose to have your small guy arrive in. He can do a superb smurf, or he can turn up as a policeman ready with those handcuffs. You can have your very own miniature Superman or Batman, complete with cape and a superhero attitude. He can be an oompa loompa, or he can get tough and beef it up as Mr T. Why not book your little guy as mini me from Austin Powers, or better still walk around with your very own Hobbit! Or even a midget bodyguard?! Dwarf entertainers for hire will dress for your theme or be whichever character you like.

How much does it cost to hire a dwarf?

The price of dwarf hire depends on a few factors, such as where you want to party, if it’s UK based or abroad, how long you want your dwarf for and what you want them to do. Dwarf hire can cost around £100 - £200 per hour depending on the company you choose. Usually the more hours you require the more of a discount you will receive.


Can you hire a dwarf for the day?
In short yes you can however they are normally booked for parties for around 1 - 3 hours. Booking a Dwarf for a whole day is usually done by event companies.
Can you hire a dwarf in the UK?
Yes you can hire a dwarf in the UK and in any city. There are a few providers that offer this service including Evengo.
Can you hire a fat dwarf in the UK?
Yes you can! But depending on your location will determine first if it's available in your area and then the price. Typically Dwarfs don't like to travel outside of their area.
Can you hire a black midget in the UK?
Yes there are around 2 - 5 black dwarfs in the UK that can cater for parties however depending on the exact requirements will determine if they are available for your party. It’s best to contact a company to discuss this.

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