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Bubbly-packed fun art class with a naked twist. The perfect hen party activity.
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What to Expect from a Hen Life Drawing Class?

R Fun-Filled Activities
Not just drawing! Enjoy party games and surprises that keep the giggles coming.
R Engaging Art Instruction
Learn from the best—shirtless! Our hunky model doubles as a tutor and guide.
R All-Inclusive Package
Just bring your creativity. We provide all drawing materials and some bubbly to inspire.

Why Book a Hen Life Drawing Class?

R Memorable Party Activity
It’s unique! Far from your typical party routine, adding a touch of class and creativity.
R Perfect Icebreaker
Get everyone mingling with fun drawing games and party activities.
R Quality Time with Friends
Make lasting memories—sketch, laugh, and sip bubbly together!

More reasons to book…


Instant Party Upgrade

Elevate your event with a splash of art and laughter.

Stress-Free Planning

We handle everything, from setup to cleanup.

Everybody Joins In

No art skills needed; just a willingness to have fun!

Spark Creativity

Discover artistic flair!

Bonding Experience

Shared fun and creative challenges bring everyone closer.

One Price, Unlimited Fun!

Enjoy a fixed price, no per-person fees. Any Group Size

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What People Say

"Hilarious from start to finish! Totally worth every penny!"
Ava White

"Our hunky model made the hen feel super special! She adored it!"
Emily Watson

"Definitely a drawing class with a twist! Charming gentleman made it really fun!"
Isabella Jackson

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How is the hen life drawing session structured?

A life drawing lesson for a hen party is an artistic adventure, but it’s also a lot of fun. When you arrive for your hen life drawing lesson you’ll be instantly put at ease by your tutor and hunky model, who are experts in creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Sketch, Sip, and Strip

You’ll take a seat, enjoy a glass of bubbly and get to grips with your pad and pencil. Then yes, you’ve guessed it, your life drawing model will get naked. Totally naked!

No matter if your drawing turns out to be a stroke of genius or hardly looks human, one thing's for sure — you're going to have a blast!

Are You Ready?

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How does a hen do life drawing class stack up against a traditional one?

Think of a hen party life drawing session as the wild cousin of your usual art class. It's all about chilling out and having a good time. Bubbly on tap to loosen up those sketching fingers, and plenty of hilarious games to get everyone in the party spirit.

Artful Antics, Naked Fun

You can expect a tutor who's not only a whiz at art but also a pro at cracking jokes. They'll guide you through the session, doling out drawing tips and even picking the best artwork when you're done. Forget any notions of a serious art class—this is more like a party where you get to draw a hot, naked model and have a laugh while you're at it!

When should you book a hen life drawing class?

Primarily a hit at hen parties (hence the name), these life drawing classes are also a blast for birthdays or any other celebration that could use a sprinkle of fun. The cheeky, playful element is a major draw for most hens. It's becoming a top pick for brides-to-be who want to dial up the fun and flirty vibes without resorting to a typical stripper fest.

Hen Life drawing classes offer the best of both worlds — they're chic and classy but come with a side of eye candy in the form of a hot, naked man!

Classy Canvas, Hot Views

What might have once been reserved for serious art aficionados is now a must-have activity for any hen party looking to mix things up. It's the perfect way to add a unique twist to your celebration while keeping things tantalisingly risqué!

Is my hen party life drawing model going full nude?

Well, traditionally, life drawing models don't hold back — they're all in, baring it all! They’re the real deal: bold, beautiful, and yes, completely stripped down.

All Angles, No Limits

Your model will arrive dressed and, as the pencils get ready, will shed his layers, giving you and your crew a chance to sketch him from every angle. Want to keep things a bit more modest? No worries, just let him know. You can always have him pose in a more reserved fashion if your bride-to-be is a tad bashful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cities can we book a hen party life drawing class?
You can unleash your inner artist with a hen party life drawing class in bustling cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle, Dublin, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, and many more across the UK and Ireland. Just pick your party spot, and we’re ready to set it up!
How much does a hen party life drawing class cost?
The price varies by location. You can find specific rates for any spot right here on our website. Whether you want the full package with everything included or just the model while you handle the venue and supplies, we've got options. Plus, our pricing isn’t per head, it’s a fixed rate, so the bigger your group, the sweeter the deal!

Hen Party Life Drawing Classes Near Me

Life Drawing for hen parties are available in all cities, up and down the country, and in Ireland too. No matter where you live or where you choose to party, you can book a fun life drawing class for your hen party. See a few of our popular cities below.
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