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A life drawing lesson for a hen party is an artistic adventure, but it’s also a lot of fun. When you arrive for your life drawing lesson you’ll be instantly put at ease by your tutor and professional model, who are experts in creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You’ll take a seat, enjoy a glass of bubbly and get to grips with your pad and pencil. Then yes, you’ve guessed it, your life drawing model with get naked. Totally naked. This is the part where you and your guests will find your inner artistic talents and create your masterpieces…or not!
But whether you turn out a piece of work of genius or barely manage anything resembling a man at all, one thing is for certain, you’ll have a lot of fun. Once the drawing is done and you’ve all compared your artwork over a few giggles, you’ll have the chance to meet your model with his clothes on and talk over the experience.


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“Thanks for sending Luke he was hot! The tutor was really bubbly also. All in all verry professional, efficient and above all else it made the hens day. Thanks xx"
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How is a Traditional Life Drawing Class Different from a Hen do Life Drawing Class?

Hen party life drawing is a very different experience to a traditional life drawing session. Your life drawing hen party will be more relaxed, with a fun atmosphere, bubbly will help the drawing flow, and there’s even fun games to get you all in the party mood. Expect a fun tutor who knows how to teach art, but also knows how to have a laugh. Your hen party life drawing tutor will lead the class, explain how the session is run, give tips on drawing, and choose the best piece of art at the end of the session. This is not a stuffy art class, but a party with a hot nude model and some banter while you sketch away!

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What occasions are right for life drawing?

You can choose to hold a life drawing class for any occasion – birthday party, leavers do, stag do, but life drawing classes for fun are mostly chosen for hen parties. You might want a more serious life drawing session if you’re artistic, but most hens like the cheeky fun element. Life drawing is fairly new in the hen party world, but it’s fast becoming a favourite amongst those brides to be who want something fun and cheeky without going down the stripper route.
A life drawing class has the best of both worlds – it’s sophisticated and artistic while still featuring the hot naked man! Something that might once have been thought of as only for those serious about their art, life drawing classes are now the must-have in your hen party weekend if you want to bring something different to your party and still keep the sexy nude!

What Does a Male Life Drawing Model Wear?

Life drawing models are usually totally naked. Models for life drawing classes are hot, sexy, and yes, totally nude men! A spin on traditional life drawing sessions which are designed to give art students a chance to inspect the human body, hen party life drawing is more playful, but is still the same basic idea. Your model will be clothed when you arrive and will strip off for you and your hens to draw every inch of him. As long as that is what you want. If your bride is shy you can always ask to draw your guy semi naked.

3 Reasons to Book Life Drawing for a Hen Weekend.

1. It’s a complete package! – The package includes the artist’s materials you’ll need to sketch your model, a glass of champagne to get the party started and get everyone relaxed, and most importantly, one very hot naked man! There’ll be a workshop leader who can help with any questions you might have or offer guidance on your artistic efforts and when the serious sketching is done you’ll have the chance to chat with your model (with his clothes on) and compare your artwork.

2. Classier than a stripper – If you want a little more than the usual L plate hen party weekend, but still want some cheeky fun including a muscly naked man, then life drawing classes could be just the thing you’re looking for. The ideal mix between keeping it classy and getting a little wild, life drawing classes incorporate giggles and girly fun with some serious artistic endeavour…well, maybe not that serious! You don’t have to be good at drawing, you just need to let your hair down and have a go.
3. Get creative – Today’s brides-to-be are embracing more creative ways to liven up their hen dos. Life drawing classes are becoming more popular now because they cover a broad spectrum of fun and offer something for all your guests. Life drawing classes feature an artistic activity – you will be drawing and sketching during your class, though it really doesn’t matter what the outcome of this is – as well as the all important hot naked man. Combining these two things means that more and more hens are seeing life drawing classes as the perfect activity for their party.

What actually happens during a hen do life drawing class?

The class typically begins with a warm-up exercise to get everyone comfortable, followed by demonstrations and instruction on techniques for drawing the figure. The class may cover topics such as anatomy, proportions, shading, and perspective, and the artist or tutor will provide guidance and feedback to participants as they work on their own drawings.

The overall goal of the class is to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere where participants can learn new skills, ask questions, and get feedback on their work, all while enjoying each other's company.


How to draw a naked man?
Start by sketching the basic outline of the figure using simple lines and shapes. Add details to the head, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. Sketch in the torso and arms, paying attention to the muscles and bones. Add the legs and feet, making sure to get the proportions right. Erase any unnecessary lines and refine the drawing as needed. Add shading to give the drawing more depth and realism.

Remember that drawing a naked figure can be challenging, as the human body is complex and anatomically correct drawings can be difficult to achieve. It may be helpful to reference images or draw from a live model to get the proportions and details right.
What is the min or max group size for a hen party life drawing class?
Some companies offer a min of 10 - 12 people however at Evengo there is know min or max of people that can attend a hen party life drawing class.
How much does a hen party life drawing class costs?
The costs for a hen party life drawing model is around £100 - £185. However, if you require a venue, equipment or anything specific the price would increase. Some companies offer a fixed rate whereas other companies offer per person, normally around £20pp - £45pp. If you book with an independent company then the price will be cheaper however a package company will be more expensive, generally speaking. Some classes may be offered at a discounted rate if you book a large group.
What games are played during a hen party life drawing class?
There are a few games that can be played during a hen party life drawing class to add some fun and creativity to the session:

Pictionary: Divide the group into teams and have each team take turns drawing a figure while the other team tries to guess what they are drawing.

Drawing Challenges: Set a time limit and give the group a list of objects or figures to draw. At the end of the time limit, have everyone show their drawings and see who was able to complete the most.

Portrait Party: Have the group take turns posing as the model while the others draw their portrait.

Blind Contour Drawing: Have the group draw a figure without looking at their paper. This can be a fun and challenging way to loosen up and try something new.

Drawing Mixer: Have the group pair up and take turns drawing each other's portrait. This can be a great way to get to know each other and have some laughs.
Does the model get full nude during a hen do drawing class?
Yes the model will be fully nude. Some models do a little striptease. However, if anyone in your party is uncomfortable with the idea of a fully nude model, respect their feelings and find a way to accommodate their needs.
What venues do you use for hen life drawing?
Looking for the perfect venue for your hen party life drawing class? Here are a few options to consider:

Art studios: Many art studios offer life drawing classes and may have space available for your hen party.

Private event spaces: Banquet halls, conference rooms, and other private event spaces can be rented for your hen party life drawing class.

Rentable spaces: Some cities have spaces that can be rented by the hour or day, such as coworking spaces or artist studios, which may be suitable for your life drawing class.

Private homes: If you have a large enough space in your home, you can host your life drawing class there.

Outdoor locations: Some classes are held outdoors in a park or other natural setting, which can be a unique and beautiful setting for a life drawing class, but may be weather dependent.

No matter where you decide to host your class, make sure to find a space that is comfortable, well-lit, and private enough for your group to feel comfortable.

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