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First of all, yes you can hire a dwarf stripper (crazy we know!). If you’re planning a stag, hen or birthday weekend then look no further than midget stripper hire. Yes, they may be small but they’re great all round entertainers to kick start your party. What the heck, who does not like a midget stripper?


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“The little man was fantastic! Such a fab night with the lads. Thanks again”
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What to expect from a Dwarf stripper?

All the best things come in small packages and your midget stripper has more fun packed into his little body than your average stripper! This little guy or girl is up for some laughs and they will really get your party going. A midget stripper is a great alternative to a regular stripper, it might not be sexy, unless you like that kind of thing! but it’s a lot of fun! Hire a midget stripogram as a hilarious surprise and watch your party girl’s face when this wee man starts strutting his stuff, or have your midget stripper put on a show for your party with his choreographed routine.

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What does a midget stripper wear?

Our little dwarf strippers do everything a regular stripper does, only downsized! Got a thing for Tyrion Lannister, or just love how funny Oompa Loompas are? You can choose which outfit you want him to wear, character, traditional, or the more ridiculous the better, and then let him entertain you! Totally energetic! They got all the moves!

What is the price of hiring a midget stripper?

The cost of hiring a midget stripper depends on where you want your party to be and what kind of midget stripper you want, plus how long you want him/her to party for. Both male & female Strippers are typically around £150 - £300 for a night show! Contact a company like us to get a price.


Can you hire a female dwarf stripper in the UK?
Yes you can! But what your little woman stripper does is up to you. You want to have fun on your stag do and this pocket rocket can be the hot dwarf stripper you never knew you’d love! She can do her sexy routine, in the costume of your choice, and she can do a complete strip. That’s right guys, this feisty little female will get totally naked for you and your stag. Ever wondered what a naked sexy dwarf stripper really looks like? She’s hot and you’re about to find out!
But if you want to really shock your stag you can hire your naked female dwarf stripper to turn up as Miss Whiplash. She’ll dominate and humiliate your stag, and he’ll never live it down! This fierce little dominatrix may be small, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in handcuffs and whips!
Can you hire a male dwarf stripper in the UK?
Are you looking to spice up your party with a male dwarf stripper? Well, you're in luck because it is possible to hire them in the UK! It may be a bit more difficult to find someone who fits this specific criteria, but there are agencies (like us) that offer this novelty entertainment.
Can you hire a dwarf stripper near me?
You can book your gender specific midget stripper wherever you are and wherever you want to party. No matter if you are looking for a magic mike dwarf stripper or a female little stripper as long as you’re ready for some fun wherever and whenever you want them to bring it.
Can you hire a black midget stripper?
Yes you can hire a black and asian dwarf stripper in the UK. Contact us to find out more information.
Can you hire a fat midget stripper?
There are not many companies that offer dwarf strippers however if you're lucky you might be able to find a company that offers this! We have yet to come across this type of entertainment.

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