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Can you hire a dwarf in Edinburgh?
One of the most exciting places in the UK to visit is Edinburgh. Interestingly, the city offers its visitors a unique entertainment opportunity - they can hire a dwarf! Whether for an event or just to brighten up a special occasion, dwarfs in Edinburgh can be hired to add life to any occasion.

From spoofing celebrities to provide a party atmosphere, these professionals offer quality entertainment services at competitive rates. Dressed in colourful costumes and full armour, these dwarfs unleash their inner jesters for endless fun!


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Lots of Banter
Party Games
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“Excellent service. Transparent communication. The stripper we hired was great – the lads gave brilliant feedback when she left”
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Why hire a dwarf in Edinburgh?
Edinburgh, "The Athens of the North", is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world to visit. Its world-renowned Edinburgh Festival and vibrant nightlife make it a great destination for stag dos and hen parties. It always pays to think outside of the box for these and any other special events in the area - consider hiring a dwarf!

A professional dwarf entertainer is sure to add an unforgettable extra dimension to any gathering, whether you're celebrating a wedding or just gathering with friends for drinks. With their infectious personalities and natural charm, professionally trained dwarfs are perfect for any occasion in Scotland's largest city.

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How much are the midgets in Edinburgh?
The cost to rent a midget for a specific event varies and depends on factors such as their experience level and how long they will be required to perform. Generally speaking. However, prices start from around £500 per day and can go up significantly depending on the complexity of the task required.

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