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Can you hire a dwarf in Bath?
Enlisting a dwarf for an event in Bath, Somerset, is possible. Several companies provide services for everything from birthday parties to weddings and other special occasions, which include dwarfs as performers.

Furthermore, if you're looking to hire a dwarf for photoshoots or performances in film or theatre, there are actors and models with dwarfism who can be contacted for their services. These candidates can be found on websites selling portfolios of their work, such as membership-based talent websites. In addition, working with a reputable agency that specialises in providing dwarfs for events is recommended to ensure the best results.


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Why hire a dwarf in Bath?
Bath is a picturesque city full of historical attractions, boasting world-famous Roman-built baths. Bath remains one of England’s most popular tourist destinations, with an extraordinary range of activities to enjoy, from shopping and sightseeing to bathing in the soothing mineral waters. Bath's unique beauty and charm make it an ideal holiday destination and the perfect spot for a memorable gathering. What better way to enhance the experience than hiring a dwarf to entertain your guests?

Dwarfs add excitement and a touch of mystery and have been experienced jesters since Medieval times! Hiring a dwarf allows your guests to share the history of the historic Bath while enjoying humorous interaction with a professional comic and entertainer. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, private reception, or family get-together, hiring a dwarf is an unforgettable way to make the occasion one that will be remembered for years.

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How much are the midgets in Bath?
There are countless companies that offer packages and deals depending on your needs, so be sure to look at them before deciding. More often than not, it can range between £50-£200 per hour for a midget entertainer in and around Bath.

Additionally, many bargain hunters will opt for a package which may include multiple midgets for an event. However, it's important to remember that these prices can vary depending on availability and the demand's popularity – so make sure to book quickly if possible!

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