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Humorous male and female dwarfs with funny dance moves and costumes, suitable for any event.
Supplying Midget Strippers since 2009
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What to Expect from Midget Strippers in Bath?

R Humorous and Harmless Fun
Delight in light-hearted antics, including gentle, comedic whipping.
R Personalised Performances
Enjoy a funny choreographed routine tailored for your party!
R Select Your Character
Choose from an array of hilarious costumes such as oompa loompa or even a tiny police officer!

Why Book Midget Strippers in Bath?

R Interactive Comedy Show
Enjoy a laugh-out-loud performance that captivates the party.
R Lasting Memories
Craft unforgettable memories — the night will be the highlight of the year.
R Any Celebration
Customised to perfectly suit stag dos, hen parties, or birthdays, our dwarfs ensure an impeccable experience.

More reasons to book…


Huge Laughs

Guaranteed belly laughs.

Custom Fit

Tailored to your party.

Massive Fun

In a tiny package!

Inclusive Fun

Enjoy top-tier performances

All Inclusive

Props and antics covered.

Bursting Energy

Delivering incredible moves

97.5% Recommend us

Based on a survey of 397 customers (June 2024)

What People Say

"So funny! True gent who kept the birthday girl in giggles!"
Mia Wright

"Had us in stitches! Perfect end to my mate's stag do - five stars!"
Jack Taylor

"What a night! Brilliantly surprising and spectacular from start to finish!"
Poppy Green

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Midget Stripper in Bath: Unforgettable Entertainment for Your Event

Hire a midget stripper in Bath for a night of endless laughter and unforgettable memories.
Bath, known for its stunning Roman Baths, the magnificent Bath Abbey, and the historic Royal Crescent, offers a perfect blend of culture and entertainment. Enhance your experience in this charming city by booking a midget stripper in Bath with Evengo. Whether it's for a hen party, stag do, or birthday party, our dwarf strippers are guaranteed to make your event one to remember. With a variety of costumes and themes available, your guests will be entertained from start to finish.

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Why Hire a Dwarf Stripper in Bath?

Discover the joy and laughter a dwarf stripper can bring to your special occasion in Bath.
Are you planning a stag do or birthday party in Bath and looking for unique entertainment? Look no further than hiring a dwarf stripper in Bath. Our performers are not only professional but also bring an element of fun and surprise that will leave your guests in stitches. From classic outfits like James Bond and Superman to playful ones like Oompa Loompa and Smurf, we have something to suit every theme.

How Much Are Midget Strippers in Bath?

Book early to enjoy the most competitive rates for midget strippers in Bath.
When hiring a midget stripper in Bath, prices can vary based on the time and date of your booking. Evening slots, especially around 7:30 PM, tend to be busier and may cost slightly more. However, Bath offers some of the most competitive rates due to the higher number of performers in the area. With Evengo, you can be assured of excellent value for money and unforgettable entertainment.
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