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What is a sexy waitress?

These gorgeous girls will be at your venue to keep the party flowing, while looking hot and having fun. Our sexy stunners will greet your guests, serve your drinks and snacks, and organise party games, all with a big smile and a sexy outfit. Who wants to fetch their own drinks at the party when you’ve got sophisticated serving girls to do it for you? They’ll make sure you’re all topped up with drinks and you’re all having fun by joining in with the party and getting in on the banter! They love drinking games and they can be as active in your party as you want them to be.


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“Great for getting the lads ready and buzzing before the night out. Very entertaining and cheeky. We all loved it! thanks for arranging everything”
Sam Jones

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What do sexy hostesses wear?

It’s really up to you what your hostesses wear. These girls will naturally dress in figure hugging black dresses for sophisticated sexiness, but they can wear other outfits that suit you better. If you have a party theme then our girls can get in on the action and dress like the rest of you! Just let us know what you want your hostesses to wear and they’ll dress to impress!

Want your girls to bring some class? …stay in the background, while attending to your needs when you want them? No problem. Want your girls to be right there in the middle of the party having fun with you? Sure thing. These girls will be the perfect accompaniment to your party, with as much involvement as you want.
Our sexy hostesses can be at your party wherever it is. They’ll serve you and keep your party going at your home or at the venue of your choice. They’ll even join you on your bar crawl and go to the bar for you! These girls are ready to be your hostesses wherever your party is!

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How much does it cost to hire a sexy waitress?

The cost of hiring these gorgeous party hostesses varies depending on a few factors. If you want your girls to wear special outfits the price may be affected, and it also depends on how many girls you want and where you want them to do their hostessing. Generally prices range from £30 - £70 per hour (per girl).


Can you hire a sexy barmaid/waitress in the UK?
Yes this exists in the UK and they can wear a sexy barmaid outfit. Prices range from £30 - £70 for each barmaid. It is considered by many that hiring a sexy girl as a barmaid is perfect for stag parties, birthday boys and events.
Can you hire a sexy waitress near me?
Party and events companies offer waitresses but if you're looking for a specific look (extra sexy) then contact a company where you can select the girl.

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