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The best place to hire Wolverhampton roly polys. We are waiting to hear from you right now if you wish to hire a roly poly stripper in Wolverhampton for an upcoming stag night. Our roly poly strippers are amongst the most entertaining in the business and hold nothing back when it comes to humiliating your stag.

We can cater for you whether you have an extreme performance in mind or wish to opt for something a little tamer, so read on to learn more about why it makes so much sense to book your pre-wedding entertainment with us.


Fat Lady
Props & Handcuffs
Lots of Whipping
Blindfold Surprise
And lots more...

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“Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha”
Greg Daniels

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When you choose us, you don’t have to let the end of your stag’s bachelor days go with a whimper. You can select the actual venue yourself as long as you ask the owner or manager for permission first, or you can instruct us to select one. You can get a quote for the performance via our website within just a few moments, or can instead give us a call or email.
Is your stag a tad full of himself? Perhaps you think he deserves to be brought down a peg or two? If so, our full roly poly stripper service may be the best option. When you opt for this, your stag will be tied to a chair, handcuffed, attacked with brutal banter, and wince as cream is squirted right in his red face.

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Watch through the cracks between your fingers as a fun roly poly slides their naked body against his. Face-sitting is optional! Should your stag be a little more modest, you may decide to be a little kinder to him with our kissogram service, where the stripper won’t go fully naked but will still put on a near-the-knuckle performance. For the best results and to leave him truly shocked, don’t let him know what you have planned beforehand.

Outfits for fat strippers in Wolverhampton. There are various different outfit choices available, and these include policewoman, schoolgirl, Miss Whiplash, nurse, and the outrageous grotto gram. Even if you’re not planning a stag night, a roly poly stripper is still a fantastic match for all kinds of big events, including leavers’ do’s, birthday parties and more.
When you book a roly poly stripper with Evengo, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the ultimate in humiliation and prank services.
Secure your entertainment today. Why not take action now if you are ready to book your roly poly party entertainment? When it comes to roly poly prices in Wolverhampton, the figure that you pay will be determined by your choice of venue, costumes, and what kind of performer you opt for. We are waiting to hear from you right now if you are ready to book your Wolverhampton roly poly stripper, so why not get a quote online today.

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