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Birthdays, stag do’s and other momentous moments need to be celebrated the right way. What better way than with a roly poly stripper in Newport? Who wants a traditional stripper show anyway? Maybe you are planning a milestone birthday, a stag do, or you simply want a night out to remember.

This is the perfect solution to all the planning and ideas that you’ve had. Stag do’s in particular are not complete without an obligatory stripper, but there are so many more things that you can do to make the night even more memorable. Just think about the fun your groom-to-be would have with a stripper with a difference. If you’re wondering exactly what a roly poly stripper is and what to expect, you’re in the right place. We explain all you need to know here.


Fat Lady
Props & Handcuffs
Lots of Whipping
Blindfold Surprise
And lots more...

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“Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha”
Greg Daniels

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A roly poly performer is a stripper who is extra large in every sense of the word. They are just as good as a traditional stripper, but rather than having the svelte, model-like body of a traditional stripper, they are larger ladies, making for a fun, entertaining strip show. It’s certainly one that the groom, birthday boy or guest of honour won’t forget in a hurry. Make it the highlight of the evening and see the roly poly stripper in action. It will be something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, but you will love it. What you see on this fun-filled night is something that you’ll never be able to unsee. Ever.
If what you’ve read so far has made you think that a roly poly stripper is an absolute must for your celebration, we can help you choose and book the perfect performer for your event. The stripper will attend any venue that you choose, whether it’s a bar, club, hotel room or anywhere of your choice. You will receive a unique experience and it will certainly create some talking points for many years after.

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At Evengo, we invest a lot in our entertainment business. We ensure that the strippers you book are the very best at entertaining. What better way to entertain your party than with a roly poly stripper? Expect the unexpected during the performance, and the stripper can even use a range of props such as baby oil, a leather whip and more during their performance.
Our strippers are above all professional performers, and it’s their job to entertain, creating a fun-filled atmosphere with a unique stripper performance. So, whatever ideas you have in mind for your event, the addition of a roly poly stripper in Newport will make it memorable in more ways than one. To find out more about the strippers that you can hire with us, you can either browse our website or contact our team. Availability is limited, so early booking is advised.

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