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Experience a hilarious, unforgettable show! Perfect for birthday & stag pranks!
Supplying Roly Poly Strippers since 2009
Fat Birds
Props & Handcuffs
Lots of Whipping
Great Banter
Special Surprises
And lots more...

What to Expect from Roly Poly Strippers in Birmingham?

R Unleash the Beast
Our Roly Poly, in wild outfits, delivers an unforgettable, hilarious face-sitting show!
R Tailor-Made Embarrassment
From whipping to whipped cream all performed by our biggest, boldest Roly Poly.
R Maximum Mockery
She’s big and unusual — Perfect for the ultimate roasting session

Why Book Roly Poly Strippers in Birmingham?

R Total Humiliation
Guaranteed to leave your mate red-faced and the party roaring.
R Unforgettable Shocks
Easy to arrange, hard to forget. There is nothing like it!
R Total Surprise
Shock and awe — A sight and performance no one can anticipate.

More reasons to book…


Laugh out loud

Watch as he becomes the butt of the joke

Beyond belief

Nothing he could have ever expected.

Everyone laughs

Perfect for a light-hearted, unreal time.

Banter together

Shared hilarity brings everyone closer.

Big and bold

She’s impossible to ignore.

Great Stitch-Up

Perfect for an Epic Payback.

97.5% Recommend us

Based on a survey of 397 customers (June 2024)

What People Say

"She was epic! Huge surprise and a total blast for everyone!"
Jacob Wilson

"Hilarious night! She truly gave the stag what he deserved - LOL!"
Alfie Evans

"Loads of banter - totally worth it! Thanks again!"
Freddie Thomas

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Roly Poly Stripper in Birmingham: A Unique Experience

Discover the Heart of Fun in Birmingham!
Birmingham, a vibrant city known for its rich history and bustling nightlife, is the perfect setting for something truly unique and memorable. Whether you're planning a stag do, a birthday bash, or even a cheeky work party, our Roly Poly Strippers offer a hilarious twist to any event. With 13 skilled performers ready to bring the fun, and outfits ranging from Funny Army to Funny SchoolGirl, we ensure your occasion is unforgettable. Birmingham's competitive rates and our extensive reach across areas like Harborne and Edgbaston mean you're always in for a treat at a great price.

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Grotogram Stripper in Birmingham: More Than Just a Laugh

Flexible and Fun – Tailored for Every Occasion!
Our commitment to providing an exceptional experience doesn't stop at just laughs; it’s about creating moments. Our Roly Poly Strippers are not just performers; they are charming, engaging, and adaptable to various themes and settings. From private homes to limos and even boats, we can turn any space into a stage. For those in need of a venue, we have connections with local spots like Revs and Sugar Suite that are familiar with our unique service. Booking around 6:15PM? It’s our peak time, so we advise securing your spot early to avoid disappointment!

Roly Poly Strippers in Birmingham: Best Value for Your Event

Top-Notch Entertainment at Competitive Prices!
In Birmingham, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive rates for our Roly Poly services, thanks to a robust team of 13 diverse performers. Our Roly Poly Strippers cover all local postcodes, including B1 to B3, ensuring that no matter where you are, we can be there. With a wide range of funny and engaging themes like Miss Whiplash or Funny Policewomen, we cater to gents’ nights, leaving dos, and more, always ensuring the best value for your money. Ready to book? Just give us a call!
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