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Any lady would love to have male strippers at her birthday party or hen party. How can anyone say no to some of these gorgeous hunks? So, if you are arranging the party for your friend, let CJR provide you with the sexiest Nottingham male stripper to charm your girls and leave them screaming in excitement. You will never regret your choice of strippers for the big day.


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“All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything”
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Once you book your preferred male stripper and agree on what you expect of the event, he will deliver the strip club experience home, apartment or hotel. And, our male strippers have an amazing talent that is buttressed with style and class. They also possess an amazing skill of sensing the crowd’s expectations. They quickly respond to the mood of the party to give the crowd what they want. When they pull their antics with their bodies rhythmically responding to the music, nothing stops the ladies from getting to the stage.

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Our male strippers in Nottingham will come dressed in an outfit that suits you. Whether you want a policeman, teacher, fireman, or even naval officer, we will come there ready to surprise and mock your guests. With the background music playing, the hunks’ arrival will be spontaneous and unexpected and the entire audience will be left screaming. The Nottingham male strippers will titillate the audience by their moves that will involve floor-humping, butt cheek shaking, rhythmic pelvic thrust and much more.

Occasionally, the strippergram may randomly pick one lady to the stage and will engage you in teasing manoeuvres such as lap dancing, which will make everyone go wild for more fun. The stripper will also participate in party games, baby oil, whipped cream, audience participation… and all sorts of fun. Expect similar to Magic Mike moves during the entire show.
We offer supreme customer service to our customers, and our recommendations are witness to that. When it comes to pricing, our first priority is service. We want to see satisfied clients. So we offer very affordable rates and you are assured that you will get value for money for your service. Looking for a Nottingham male stripper? Get an instant price online to hire our strippers.

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