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So, you’re partying in Exeter for your hen do and you want some good, old, traditional hen do fun. Look no further, ladies, we’ve got just what you need. This is your last night out as a single woman and before you tie that knot, you want a few specific things for your party. You want some unusual experiences. You want a lot of laughs. You want the best cocktails, and some pampering. You want to be outrageous and you want the one thing every good hen do has – you want a hot and sexy naked guy! Look no further, ladies, we’ve got this covered!


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“All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything”
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Book a male stripper in Exeter and you can call the shots. If you are Exeter babes, you might know exactly where you want to go for your big night out and our fit male stripper can meet you there and do his thing. Or if you’re staying home to party or you want this surprise sexy man to perform for you while you get ready and have your pre-drinks, he can arrive at your house and strip right there. If you don’t want to organise our own party, leave it to us; we already know where you can have the most fun with your Exeter male stripper and we know all the best places in Exeter for a top hen do.
Your male stripper in Exeter is loads of laughs, wherever you decide to party. He loves you hens and he’s got all the hen do banter, plus he’ll bring his stripper props along with him to embarrass your hen and get you all in on some cheeky hen do fun. This guy’s a professional performer and he’ll show you his routine set to music while he shows you everything he’s got. It’s your choice what this guy will be wearing when he arrives, though he won’t be wearing it for long! Choose from the most traditional of all male stripper outfits, like policeman and firefighter, to more modern costumes like superheroes and characters from films. Or your hot Exeter male stripper can arrive at your party in a suave suit and tie and really get you all hot under the collar.

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But if it’s your party and you want something more sophisticated for your hen do, while still keeping that essential male stripper element, you can book a male strip show in Exeter and sit back and relax while these guys perform for you. This is an evening out for you and your hens where you can have a drink and relax and enjoy a whole stage full of professional dancers performing perfectly choreographed routines for you that always end in them being naked! A male stripper show in Exeter is the choice for hens who want something entertaining and relaxing and who want a fun evening out full of outrageousness. You won’t believe it when you see what these guys can do!
Male stripper hire in Exeter can be whatever you want it to be. You can keep it private and have your sexy stripper do his thing for your eyes only, or you can join in with a whole hall full of ladies who want to see these guys get totally naked. You can even get your hen up on stage to join in with this troupe of hot guys! A male stripper for a hen do in Exeter is loads of laughs, whatever you choose, and one thing’s for certain – this is one hot and sexy show, no matter where you have it or what he wears!

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