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Why hire naked poker dealers?

Nude poker dealers are gorgeous, sexy, and they are here to play with you! These beauties can be on hand to deal your cards, they’ll even serve your beers, and they love to play nude poker. They can play Texas Holdem while smouldering in their sexy outfits, they understand the game and they love to play, but they’re also on hand to fetch you another cold one from the fridge and bring your snacks.

They can play as much poker, or as little, as you want. It’s up to you. Want a proper game of strip poker with gorgeous girls? They’re right here! Want some sexy stunners who can play poker with you while serving your beers AND providing eye candy? We’ve got ‘em!


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“Great night in the with lads. Becky & Lisa played a great role to the success of the night. Much appreciated”
Mike Thomas

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Can the girls actually play poker?

Yes, our topless poker dealers can play. These croupiers love a game and they understand the rules perfectly, but these sexy stunners aren’t professional poker players, so you still have a great chance of winning! With our topless poker playing beauties you’ll have loads of fun while playing your favourite poker game. These girls play poker like one of the boys, but they’re definitely not one of the boys! You can still take the game seriously, as our girls are used to playing, but our croupier are also fun and love some banter!

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What will poker girls wear?

When you hire poker dealers they will be dressed to impress. They normally arrive in figure hugging tight dresses for ultimate sophistication and seductiveness (or can be nude/topless). These girls know how to look good, in fact our topless croupier looks so good you might have trouble concentrating on your game! But if you want our poker girls to dress to your theme or wear something special, just let us know, these girls are flexible and they want to please you!


What is the price of topless poker dealers?
The cost of hiring topless poker dealers is around £70 - £100 per hour due to them being naked. However if you did not require them to be naked the price would reduce significantly.
Can you hire a female dealer in the UK?
Yes you can hire female dealers for specialist poker companies that will provide you with someone generic. If you're looking for a female dealer for the purpose of eye candy you will need to contact an entertainment company (like us).

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