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When you hire golf ladies you’re getting more than just someone to caddie for you, you’re getting sexy stunners who’ll attend to all your golfing needs. These beautiful babes will drive the drinks buggy, they’ll serve drinks to you and your stag or party group with a big smile and some great banter, and yes, they’ll carry your clubs and chauffeur your caddy.

These golf babes will be on hand to help with divots and sandtraps and to score contests, they love keeping score and letting you know how you’re doing. They know the game well and will chat to you about your swing and encourage your game.

These girls aren’t just there for show, they love their sport and they like full interaction in your game. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re clued up and understand the rules of golf perfectly. You’ll be the most glamorous group of golfers at the clubhouse with your sexy caddie girls by your side.


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“Big thank you to Michelle our Becks. They were very accommodating and kept the beers flowing. Would definitely book again”
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Can you hire hot caddie girls for a stag party?

Whatever your handicap our caddie girls are going to make you feel like stars on the green. These gorgeous ladies know a thing or two about hitting a hole in one. The only problem you’ll have is, they’re so stunning they might distract you from your game. And if you’re not an experienced golfer, but fancy having a go at something new as part of your stag weekend or lads party, this is the best way you could think of to learn a bit more about the game.

Imagine having the most desirable caddie on the fairway who’s attentive to your game and brings all the fun. She’ll give you pointers on your swing and show you how to hold your club just right!

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What do caddie girls wear?

Our caddie girls for hire will be dressed to impress in their sexy golfing outfits. They look the part and they’ll be dressed just like professional golfers, only much sexier! These girls take their outfits seriously, so expect the best in golfing chic. If you can take your eyes off them for long enough to hit a ball you’ll find them to be the perfect supporters of you and your technique, so if you want our golf caddie girls to wear something special or you have a party theme, just let us know. Our golf girls can fit in with your party however you want.


What is the price for hiring caddie girls?
The cost of hiring your golf caddie girls depends on a few factors. The price will depend on how many girls you want to accompany you on the range, how long you want our girls to socialise and help you with your swing, and what your city location is.
Can a golf caddy be topless or naked?
This would not be allowed on any golf course unless you physically own the course! There are laws for nudity in public.

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