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Can you hire a female stripper in North Wales?
North Wales is an exciting county in the United Kingdom and is home to three of the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Wales. It's a great place to visit or to plan an eventful adventure.

For those looking for something extra special when planning an event in North Wales, you can hire a female stripper! These experienced professionals can provide an unforgettable addition to stag do’s, men’s parties, birthdays, and even surprises. From saucy showgirls to coy dance routines and fire performances, they offer a range of unique entertainment experiences that could bring any party or event to life.


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Dan’s Bday Party
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“Fantastic ladies and really great show They both could not do enough for us – would highly recommend again”
Frank Smith
Why hire a female stripper in North Wales?
If you're looking for a unique and memorable party experience in North Wales, hiring a female stripper could be a perfect choice. A female stripper will provide a thrilling evening of entertainment that will leave an impression on your guests.

Hiring one can up the excitement and atmosphere at any event, whether for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties or other special occasions. Their energy and charisma offer an interactive form of entertainment that steps away from traditional performance formats.

Plus, female strippers can provide a level of sophistication - with knowledge and skill - that many other entertainers simply cannot match. So if you want more than just music when hosting your party in North Wales, consider getting a female stripper.

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How much does a female stripper cost in North Wales?
In North Wales, the cost of a female stripper can vary significantly depending on the type of show requested, the nature of the service provided and who is hired. Typically, however, you can expect to pay between £90 to £150 for a professional performer with all amenities needed.

It's also important to consider what time of day this performance is booked, as prices will vary according to availability - so it is always wise to check beforehand. Thankfully, you don't need to scramble around trying to find an adequate price for strippers in North Wales; we offer instant pricing online!

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