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What to Expect from Bunny Girls?

R Select Your Perfect Bunny Hostess
Choose your sexy bunny girl to elevate your party experience!
R At your service
Enjoy the convenience of attractive hostesses ready to serve food and drinks at your beck and call.
R All inclusive
Beyond serving, they participate in party games and lively interactions to maintain a vibrant atmosphere.

Why Book Bunny Girls?

R Ultimate Party Starter
Instantly ignite your party with a high-energy vibe.
R Elevate Your Party
Turn a party into a spectacular night with professional, themed beautiful hostesses.
R Perfect Icebreakers
Bunny girls are excellent at getting conversations flowing, perfect for mingling.

More reasons to book…


Non-stop Fun

Guaranteed good times.

Anywhere Possible

Party without limits.

Dress to Impress

Sexy, iconic outfits.

Lasting Impressions

Moments to remember.

Utmost Professionalism

Smooth, flawless service.

Stress-Free Hosting

Focus on fun, not the fuss.

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What People Say

"Lovely addition to the party! Great outfits, really bubbly girls!"
Joshua Thompson

"Everyone had a blast! So glad it was a success!"
William White

"Top-level service - definitely a 5 star experience! Booking again soon!"
Edward Watson

Want to see pictures of available girls?
Hop into High Spirits

When you book our bunny girls, you're not just getting waitresses; you're bringing a splash of Playboy charm to your shindig! Decked out in their iconic bunny outfits—complete with fluffy rabbit ears and bouncy bobtails—these gals are pros at keeping the drinks and snacks circulating, so you can kick back and soak in the fun. Hired bunny girls, just like from those glossy magazine spreads, serving up a storm at your bash!

Bunny Style, Party Mile

Wherever your party's popping, our bunny girls for hire are on it. Home, hall, or anywhere else, they're your roving refreshment crew, dolled up in true bunny style, ready to charm your guests right from the doorstep. Expect trays laden with goodies, witty exchanges, and all the photo ops you could want—all part and parcel of the service. Just give us the heads-up on the when and where, and watch them hop right to it!

Are You Ready?

R Get Prices & Availability in Seconds.
R Select Your Sexy Girls.
As for the dress code? That's your call. Our default is sleek black dresses that scream elegant allure, but we're all about matching your theme. Fancy something a bit different? Let us know, and our hostesses will transform their look to fit right in with your party crew. They're here to dazzle and delight, tailored just to your taste!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cities have bunny girls available for hire?
Our Bunny Girls are ready to add a dash of charm to events in all the top cities — London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle, Dublin, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, and many more across the UK and Ireland. Wherever you're throwing your party, we're there!
How much does it cost to hire a bunny girl?
The cost can vary a bit — depending on your party's location, how long you need our Bunny Girls, and how many you're looking to hire. Just hop over to our pricing page to find out what it'll cost for your specific spot.
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