Why hire an older lady stripper?

Hiring a mature lady stripper will certainly set the tone for a fun-filled event, guaranteed to bring smiles and an evening your guests won’t forget in a hurry. You might be wondering, what exactly is a mature woman stripper? Will an older lady stripper be appropriate for your event? In this article, we dive into what exactly we mean by mature women strippers and why more and more people are hiring older women strippers to perform for stag parties, birthday parties, divorce parties and even corporate events.

What is a mature lady stripper?

Sometimes referred to as granny strippers, a mature woman stripper is older than your average stripper. Generally older than 40 years of age, older lady strippers can be found performing in strip clubs and can be hired to perform for private parties and adult-only events. 


Why hire an older woman stripper?

Old lady strippers bring a different level of maturity, confidence, and experience to a strip show and as we find out, are appreciated by all sorts of different audiences. A lot of men are sexually drawn to older women, so this is in no way abnormal or weird. 

Did you know that 34% of men aged 22 to 25 years express an interest in older women? The growing popularity of this kind of adult entertainment means hiring a mature lady stripper is in huge demand for parties and other events.  

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why more and more people are hiring mature women strippers for their events:


1) Old women strippers do it best 

Hiring an older woman stripper can be exciting. Bringing confidence and worldly experience, an old lady stripper knows herself and she knows her body. Like a goddess, a mature lady stripper will own the stage with her charming cheekiness and seductive moves.


2) To entertain an older audience 

So, it’s your Uncle Frank’s significant birthday and he loves the ladies. You know how much he would appreciate a stripper for his birthday party, but you also don’t want to be the cause of any medical emergencies. Consider hiring a granny stripper to entertain the boys on this occasion. 


3) Diversity 

Unique adult entertainment is highly sought after in today’s society where age is now considered to be nothing but a number. The adult entertainment industry is growing ever more diverse and professional agencies are now able to link you up with professional strippers from all walks of life. Hiring a granny stripper is a great way to celebrate ageing and break down the walls of stereotypes and prejudices.


What should you expect from a mature lady stripper?

A performance from an older woman stripper is not necessarily going to be different to a performance from a younger lady stripper – they are just that bit older in age! 

When you hire an older lady stripper for your private event, you can expect her to perform a strip show for the audience to enjoy and interact with. If you book a strippergram, this is usually performed with the focus of the mature woman stripper’s attention on just one member of the audience, like the husband-to-be or the birthday boy. Whatever type of show you choose to book, you will be expected to tip your granny stripper for her performance, so be prepared for this!


What does a mature woman stripper wear?

When booking your mature lady stripper, you might request that she comes dressed in a uniform of your choice, like a nurse or even a French maid. For a more general theme, as with any kind of strip show, you can expect your granny stripper to perform in sexy lingerie such as stockings, suspenders and a G-string.


Does a granny stripper completely strip?

The question is, do you want your granny stripper to completely strip? Depending on your performer, you will normally find your older lady stripper is quite happy to strip down as far as you would like. Whatever you feel is appropriate for your event – you are ultimately in charge of the level of nudity. You may want to keep your old woman strip show PG, depending on your event. Book your mature women strippers through a professional agency and they will make sure you get the kind of show you want. 


How much does a granny stripper cost?

Hiring an older lady stripper will set you back in the region of £150-200 for a show lasting around 15 minutes. Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Just how much hiring an older woman stripper costs will depend on what you want from your show as well as factors such as the location of your private venue. There may be travel expenses for your mature lady stripper, but any good professional agency will include this in your quote, based on what you are looking for.

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