Why Hire a Gay Naked Butler?

Naked butlers are all the rage for intimate events between friends. Ideal for stag dos and hen nights, a naked butler, gay or straight, adds hilarity to any event. With thousands of strip clubs all over England and Wales, gay butlers and male strippers are just as high in demand as female ones are. Why would you hire a gay male butler? To have a fit, athletic, gorgeous man at your event, ready to serve you drinks, strawberries, and anything else you desire. It’s both a form of entertainment and adds a layer of luxury to any party. Here is everything else you need to know about finding a gay waiter for hire.

What is the difference between a straight butler and a naked butler that’s gay?

There are no real differences between a straight and a gay male butler. The only difference is in the naked lad’s sexual preferences. Even then, some straight naked butlers have no problem working male parties and vice versa. Gay naked waiters are more popular among gay men who are on their stag do, or gay men who want to add a touch of spice to their private events. 


Can you hire a gay naked butler?

Yes, you can hire a naked butler who will come to your event and provide you with butler-type services. Usually these naked lads in the UK can mix cocktails and carry drinks. They make an excellent addition to art gallery and even corporate events. They add class to your hen or stag do and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want someone serving then all night?


How much is a gay naked butler?

The price of a gay butler in the UK will vary from city to city. You can hire a buff gay butler in any city from Aberdeen to Lincoln to Nottingham – but gay waiters for hirei n London and Birmingham cost most. Expect to pay for their time and their service, as well as for their wonderful cocktail making skills. 


Is it legal to hire naked lads in the UK?

It is entirely legal to perform as and to hire a stripper within the UK. A YouGov poll reportedly found that 25% of men and 40% of women support an outright ban on strippers and strip clubs. There is a thriving sex work industry in Britain which does border on illegality. Prostitution is illegal, however, stripping is not prostitution and therefore you may hire a naked butler, gay or straight, in a town local to you. 


Where to hire a naked butler in England?

You can hire a gay naked butler from Celebrate Just Right. We have a choice in male butlers who will happily get naked to serve you canapes and champagne. You get the pleasure of a bare body protected from bar tools by a flimsy black apron – but you also get a naked man skilled in cocktail preparation. Contact Celebrate Just Right to book your gay waiter for hire in any UK city. True hen and stag party happiness is just a few clicks away.

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