Why Hire a Black Male Stripper?

Hire a black male stripper to perform for you and your guests, whether it’s a hen party, birthday party, or just a girls’ night out, and you will be guaranteed smooth moves and character to match. Hiring a black stripper for your private party ensures all attendees have a memorable evening filled with laughs and flirtatious charm. 

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Can I hire a black male stripper in the UK?

Times have changed, there is no doubt about it. There was an era within living memory when hiring a black male stripper might have felt like an impossible task, possibly a taboo subject. You only have to watch Hulu’s series Welcome to Chippendales to really see how far the world has come in terms of racial equality. Set in the early 1980s, the fictional character Otis is the only black dancer in the Chippendales which was one of the very first male strip groups to form. The difficulties Otis faces in the series are based on the real-life experiences of black Chippendales dancers.  

Nowadays, we live in a multicultural society and male strippers of all backgrounds are becoming more and more popular. Social change has accelerated in recent years with the rise of movements such as Black Lives Matter, and now we see black male strippers in huge demand. Hiring a black male stripper for your event is a way to celebrate diversity in the modern world. 

Aside from the celebration of cultural diversity, sexual attraction is a key reason why people decide to hire a black male stripper to perform at their event.  Physical attraction is of course influenced by all sorts of factors including cultural upbringing and personal preference.

Please, please note – It should go without saying that hiring a stripper should not be based on any form of discrimination. Strippers are individuals first and foremost and of course, they deserve respect and dignity regardless of skin colour.  


Are there any black male stripper groups?

The UK is the home of the professional, all-black male dance group, Chocolate Men. The troupe draws in huge audiences from all walks of life to watch their performances up and down the country.

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Chocolate Men were featured on a documentary for Channel 4, The Black Full Monty. The programme showed what it takes to be a part of the nation’s most popular all-black male stripper groups, regularly getting their kit off in front of man-hungry audiences. Viewers were astounded by the group’s strict entry requirements – in order to join Chocolate Men as a performer, gents need to have at least 8 inches of tackle to fit comfortably into their G-string. Fun, feisty, and at times, shocking, the show also has a serious side as it explores the fundamental issues of racial stereotyping and objectification of black men based on the experiences of the group. In the documentary, the guys openly discuss the cultural shame they faced surrounding the adult entertainment industry which they had been conditioned with growing up, although the group’s founding member maintains that the celebration of the men and good money being made is of great benefit to the member. 


How much does a black male stripper cost?

The cost of hiring a black male stripper will depend on what exactly you want from your show. Good professional agencies will provide you with a full quote based on your event as factors like location and supply and demand have an impact on the price (for example, the peak season for the industry is generally those warmer months when hen parties are most common. The cost of hiring a black male stripper will depend on how long you would like your performance to be, but as a guide, a 20-minute strippergram to perform at your private venue would cost in the region of £100-£200. There may be other expenses such as travel for your black male stripper to come to your private venue, but a reputable agency will include this in their quote.

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Can I hire male strippers from across the world? 

The adult entertainment industry is diverse and there are many talented male strippers of all races and backgrounds. In the modern world we live in today, the celebration of people of all races and ethnicities is commonplace. Living in a multicultural society, we are able to watch or hire strippers from all backgrounds performing in the UK. You will find it tricky to pinpoint strippers of particular ethnicities to hire from just an internet search, so reaching out to a professional agency can help you to narrow your search for the ideal entertainment for your event. If you are heading to a strip club in big cities such as London, Birmingham or Manchester, you are more likely to stumble across a wider variety of performers than you would in more rural parts of the country. Above all, please remember that it is important to avoid selecting strippers based on their race or ethnicity alone.

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