Why Hire a Belly Dancing Stripper?

What’s the difference between a belly dancer and a stripper?

Belly dancing is a traditional, well-known form of dance that is believed to have originated in the Middle East and North Africa. The Ancient Egyptian women were said to have performed belly dancing as part of their fertility rituals, and to this day the fluid, flowing hip movements and emphasis on the dancer’s stomach make belly dancing an empowering way for women and men alike to connect with their bodies. Most often performed by ladies at festivals and cultural events, belly dancing is one of the best-known forms of live entertainment. 

Belly Dancing Strippers


So what exactly do we mean by a belly dancing stripper?

A belly dancing stripper combines the feminine sensuality and grace of traditional belly dancing with a seductive strip tease. Expect your belly dancing beauty to gradually remove her clothes as she sways seductively to the sound of traditional, Arabian-style music.

This adult-only entertainment is perfect for stag dos and parties. You can hire your own belly dancing stripper to perform at your party from Celebrate Just Right.


Why hire a stripper that can belly dance? 

Hiring a belly dancing stripper adds a unique and diverse twist to your party. Combining belly dance with stripping brings an exotic element to your stag do, birthday party or any private event. Your guests will be hypnotised by a beautiful belly dancer who gradually removes her clothes as she flows sensually to traditional belly dance music from the Middle East.

Hiring a belly dancing stripper to perform at your party will guarantee to have your audience captivated and their hearts racing. Guests will sit back and enjoy the enchanting nature of this alternative form of strip show. 


What does a belly dancing stripper wear? 

Traditional belly dancers are known for flowing floor-length skirts and jewell-covered bras that showcase their feminine curves. You can expect to receive something like this from your belly dancing stripper, at least on the surface. You will soon start to notice some extremely sexy lingerie being revealed together with more naughty surprises.


Does a belly dance stripper completely strip? 

The question is, do you want your belly dancing beauty to strip? Belly dancing strippers can adjust the level of hotness depending on your preference and what you feel is appropriate. Mention this when booking to be sure you are going to get the kind of belly dance show you want.

Enquire with Celebrate Just Right to hire one or more of our exotic beauties to perform for you and your guests.


How much does a belly dancing stripper cost?

The cost of hiring a belly dancing stripper will depend on your location as well as the length of the performance and the dancer’s experience. The average hourly rate for belly dancers in the UK can be up to £150 per hour, but if you want your belly dancer to strip, you may well see the cost increase to reflect this. The level of spice you want in your show is likely to have an impact on how much your belly dancing stripper sets you back. 

Some performers may even impose additional costs such as travel expenses or specialist equipment, but any decent professional dancer or agency will include any additional costs in a quote before you agree to hire your belly dancing stripper. Want a straightforward quote for a belly dance stripper to perform at your event with absolutely no hidden costs? 


Where can you hire a belly dancing stripper in the UK?

It is possible to hire belly dance performers in the UK, some of whom may also be willing to strip for you. But how do you know you will get what you want from your show? This is where the experts come in handy. Here at Celebrate Just Right, we tailor-make your belly dancing stripper performance based on your preferences. Do you want to turn up the heat? Let us know and we will see that it is done. Maybe you want to keep it a bit more PG. From playful and suggestive performances to more explicit and erotic shows, we can ensure your belly dancing strip performance hits just the right tone for your event.

Belly Dancing Strippers

At Celebrate Just Right we have stunning belly dance strippers who are waiting to captivate you and your guests with their flowing feminine moves, guaranteed to raise the temperature at any stag do, birthday party or even divorce party. Your guests will be mesmerised by our professional belly dancers as they strip down to their G-string, or if you prefer, down to nothing at all. We help you to tailor-make your event based on what you feel is appropriate.

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