What is a Stripper Cake?

Interested in doing something a little different for a birthday party, retirement party, or other event? A stripper cake could be the unique answer you need.

Stripper cakes are growing in popularity in the UK. Originally big in America, the stripper cake is the best symbol of hedonistic opulence that you can get. Not only is there potential sweet sponge and butter cream, but you also get a stripper surprise in the centre. It’s not the type of thing you are likely to see on Bake Off, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t perk up the show. 

Stripper Cake


What’s the Difference Between a Real Cake and a Stripper Cake?

A real cake is edible, for a start. A stripper cake is usually just an imitation cake. A real cake has gooey fillings at its core while a stripper cake contains a stripper. For obvious reasons, a stripper cake is often far larger than your birthday cake is. That’s because you need enough room to hide your stripper inside it.

Now this is the fun part, because the more your cake looks like a cake, the less people will expect a stripper to burst out of it. There are lots of ways you can do this. You can view what it ought to look like on YouTube.


How to Make a Stripper Cake?

To make your stripper cake, you can start with a dolly or wheeled serving table. You remove the top work surface and you replace it with card or paper. You then cut out a whole the size of your stripper in top, and that is where you build your cardboard cake. As we said, the more it looks like a real cake, the better. This means adding touches like real frosting, unlit candles, and ribbons or other décor. 

You can find full instructions on how to build a stripper cake from scratch on the Instructables website.


Can you Hire a Stripper Cake?

If you don’t want to make the cake yourself, you can request a stripper pop out cake from your entertainment provider. They should have one in stock. You can save money by hiring the stripper and making the cake yourself.

Stripper Cake

Do you hire the stripper separately?

You can, or you can find a firm which lets you hire both at once. You can save money building the cake yourself but if you are not a joiner, it might not look as good as the rented version.


Do they really come out of the cake?

Your stripper hides inside the cake just before it gets wheeled into the event. The cake is brought out on wheels, and the stripper waits for their que to pop out of it. Yes, they really do come out of the cake. You just have to make sure they get in it before you wheel it in.

Stripper Cake


Where to Hire a UK Stripper for your Cake?

You can hire a stripper to put inside your cake right here at Celebrate Just Right. We have all types of male strippers for you to choose from. Book your cake stripper early to avoid disappointment. Not all strippers are small enough to fit inside a cake, and stripper cakes are growing in popularity, so book now for your next party.

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