What Does it Take to Become a Male Stripper?

Have you ever considered becoming a male stripper? The adult entertainment industry is everywhere you look these days, and more and more men are taking their clothes off for a living. And we think they might be on to something – male stripping has the potential to be a highly lucrative and rewarding career. 

With the rise of online stripping platforms, there are now more opportunities than ever to earn money as a male stripper. Offering flexible work-life balance and the potential to make a good income, becoming a male stripper is now a realistic job prospect for a growing number of men across the world. In the UK, you need to be aged 18 or over to work as a stripper, but there are other things to think about before you take the plunge into the stripping world.

So, what does it take to become a male stripper? Maybe you’re wondering, “…could I be a male stripper?”. As we find out here, it takes more than just a great body to be successful as a male stripper. Let’s look at the 5 basic requirements to become a male stripper below. 


How to Become a Male Stripper – What are the 5 ‘Must-Haves’?

  • A Toned Physique 

It goes without saying. A well-groomed, toned body is one of the fundamental requirements of a male stripper. You don’t exactly need to look like a pro bodybuilder, but customers will expect to see well-defined muscles and a chiselled physique.


  1. Impressive Dancing Skills 

Being a male stripper is more than just taking your kit off. You must be able to dance competently, with confidence and smooth moves. The sexier your moves, the more money you can generally make. Look into getting some classes if you need to polish up your dancing skills.


  • Bags of Confidence 

Getting up on stage and taking your clothes off in front of a man-hungry audience is no mean feat. 

You need to be oozing confidence. If you’re not, your audience will know about it, and it won’t make for a very good strip show. Work on letting go of any underlying self-consciousness if you want to try out stripping. Confidence is key to being a male stripper.


  • Charming Social Skills

Your job as a male stripper first and foremost is to please your audience. You need to be witty and flirty, but also polite. You should be able to interact with ease whilst always maintaining positive energy. It can take top notch social skills to navigate potentially awkward scenarios with the charm and professionalism necessary for a career as a male stripper.


  • A Fun Stripper Name 

A male stripper needs a stage name. It’s not ideal to perform under your real name for a variety of reasons. Think, funny, sexy, or both! Have fun and play with words. How about Omar Gord, or Conor Lingus? You get what we mean. 


What kind of male stripper jobs are out there?

Strippergram stripper

Stippergram strippers tend to work alone, through an agency. Popular with hen dos, birthday parties and even divorce parties, these are private performances in a private venue in front of a small group of ladies (or you will find some male strippers that advertise themselves as welcoming LGBTQ customers). Strippergram shows are typically no longer than 20 minutes, meaning if you can schedule your work efficiently, you can make some serious money over just one weekend. 


Strip club work

In male strip clubs, strippers earn tips by giving lap dances to their admiring customers. Competition can be high as male strippers vie for the attention of their audience who are often out celebrating. 

Strippers pay a fee to the club to perform there but this can be well worth it as you have a concentration of customers who desire your services all in one place. If you stand out and please your audience, you can make hundreds of pounds for a night’s work. 


Butler in the Buff

You may be familiar with the attire of Butlers in the Buff also known as Buff Butlers. If you’re heading into the world of stripping and would prefer a less intense performance, then consider a job as a nearly-naked Butler. Wearing just a bum-showing apron, collar, cuffs and bow tie, your job as this type of male stripper is to serve drinks and canapes and also play party games. Trying your hand as a Butler in the Buff is a great way to get used to performing with your clothes off if you’re new to the industry.


Stage strippers 

Stage stripping might be more of a career ambition as opposed to entry-level stripping. This is where experienced strippers perform a choreographed routine on a stage or at a club, often in front of huge crowds. Professional dancing is required for this kind of performance, not to mention a hunky physique as in this role you will be stripping down to at least your G-string.

Looking to become a stripper?