Top 10 Famous Male Strippers

You are going to be surprised by some of the names featured on our list of Top 10 Famous Male Strippers…

  • Channing Tatum 

Topping the list of Top 10 Famous Male Strippers we have the godfather of the celebrity strip world himself. Star of the Magic Mike movie series, Channing Tatum was working as a stripper known as Chan Crawford long before he became the Hollywood actor we know so well today. Though stripping, was never very lucrative for the Hollywood heartthrob – Channing made as little as US$50 a night for his performances. It wasn’t until Ricky Martin made the music video She Bangs in 2000 that he finally got his big break as a dancer. See if you can spot Channing in the video:

Ricky Martin – She Bangs (English) – YouTube


  • Brad Pitt

You read that right. Whilst a student at the University of Missouri, Brad Pitt was one-seventh of the Dancing Bares, a group of strippers made up of Brad and his fraternity brothers. Brad claims to have been introduced to the world of acting thanks to a chauffeur job he once did for a female strip group. It now looks like these days are behind Brad as he focuses on his life as a movie mega-star and being a dad to his 6 children.  


  • Lotan Carter

You may remember Lotan from  Big Brother in 2017 which ultimately saw him sacked from his job with the world-famous stripping troupe the Dreamboys. But the good news is that Lotan’s controversial exit from the Channel 4 show seems to have blown over as Lotan is back on the cast list for their 2023 UK tour. Also a star of Magic Mike Live, Lotan is well known for insuring his penis for a whopping £12 million following a number of, shall we say, close calls with fans. Not many know that Lotan is the nephew of famous dancer and choreographer Louie Spence. Lotan is our King of Instagram strippers, boasting 64k followers. 


  • Chris Pratt 

Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt is a household name. But before he hit the movie screens, Chris earned money stripping for bachelorette and birthday parties. Chris confesses to loving nothing more than getting naked, which is a good job because he never really earned much from his short-lived stripping career. Apparently, Chris would earn just US$40 a gig. The end of Chris’s career came after he performed for his friend’s grandmother’s birthday party. How awkward!


  • Joey Lawrence 

In 2012, American actor and pop star Joey Lawrence performed in Las Vegas’ erotic dance troupe the Chippendales. The hunky star bared his chiselled physique as a singer, dancer and host. When Joey found out that Brad Pitt had taken a shot at stripping he thought, why not? Joey has since turned his focus to reviving his former music career. 


  • Jake Pavelka 

Dallas born actor and model Jake Pavelka is best known for appearing on the TV series The Batchelor and Dancing With The Stars. Like Joey Lawrence, Jake went on to join the Chippendales as their celebrity MC and host.  Jake is now working as the CEO waste and recycling company Rhino Removal. 


  • Will Parfitt 

Boasting a massive 6.8 million followers on Tiktok, Will Parfitt earns up to £1,600 a weekend from his job touring with Magic Mike Australia. Originally hailing from London, the 27-year-old Channing Tatum lookalike can perform up to 15 times in a weekend during peak season between October and April. He’s in pretty good shape as a result!


  • “The Situation” Sorrentino

The Situation became famous for taking his shirt off for pretty much all of his six seasons on MTV’s Jersey Shore. But before his reality TV days, The Situation, real name Mike Sorrentino, was part of an exotic dance group. The group All American Male performed across New York and New Jersey back in 2004, when The Situation was known to give the best lap dances. 


  • James de Lauch Hay 

Another Dreamboy in our top 10 is Newcastle-born James de Lauch Hay. James got into stripping after breaking up with his girlfriend. Struggling to find performing work in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the professional entertainer stumbled across an advert for open auditions and he successfully applied. James is now touring the UK with the Dreamboys where he has performed for over 25,000 people. 


  • Tristan “Tristar”

Entertainment mogul Tristan was once the youngest bar licensee in the UK aged just 21 when he managed bars and entertainment venues across Brighton. But what Tristan really loved was dance and entertainment, and after a brief appearance on Eastenders, Tristan landed a job at a male lap-dancing club in Vienna and found his niche as a stripper. It was there that he became known as Tristan Tristar.

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