The Top 10 Best Male Stripper Songs

Wondering what tunes you should play when your stripper shows up? Here are ten suggestions that they probably have on their playlist.

Stripping to the wrong song is horrendous. If you’ve ever been trying to enjoy intimate time to the wrong playlist, you understand the difficulties of trying to be arousing with bad background music. Avoid stripper music faux pas at your party with these top ten tunes. 


10 Songs for Male Strippers that will Enhance the Performance

Want to give your stripper strong song choices? Let them pick from this list.


10 – Pour some sugar on me, Def Leppard

This is an oldie but a goodie. Pour some sugar on me can accompany any ladies encouraged to touch the strippers as part of the act. There may or may not be actual sugar. 

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9 – Closer, Nine Inch Nails

There are lines in this song about feeling people from the inside and getting closer to God. It can really get the ladies worked up… understandably so, if you take a listen to the lyrics.


8 – Pony, Ginuwine

Ginuwine has become synonymous with male strip shoes – and no wonder. You can tell from the second the beat drops in Pony that it’s a song with strong sexual energy. It’s about a guy who wants to make his girl into a pony he rides. Um. His saddle is waiting for you to come on and jump on it. Pony came out in 1996.


7 – You can leave your hat on, by Joe Cocker or Tom Jones

Either version of this song is a favourite among male strippers. You Can Leave Your Hat On made headlines when the film The Full Monty starring Robert Carlyle hit cinemas. 


6 – Do Me! Bell Biv Devoe

Released in 1990, this classic is on every male stripper’s playlist. Do Me! talks about doing him in multiple places.


5 – Candy Shop, 50 Cent

No list of songs for male strippers would be complete without being taken to the candy shop. 50 Cent will even invite you to lick his lollipop if you are lucky.


4 – SexyBack, Justin Timberlake

Nobody can deny the sexuality in the lyrics of Justin Timberlake’s biggest song. SexyBack features lyrics such as “dirty Babe”, talks about letting them whip him, and he even refers to himself as a sex slave. 


3 – Hot in Herre, Nelly

Released all the way back in 2002, Nelly’s Hot in Herre is still a firm favourite with strippers everywhere – male and female. The song starts with the lyric “Good gracious, ass is bodacious” and continues into a chorus inviting everyone to take their clothes off.


2 – Drop it like it’s hot, Snoop Dogg

The king of smooth himself released Drop it Like it’s Hot, ft Pharell Williams, in 2009. The chorus is one thing, but he also talks about how he can make all the ladies get naked, among other things.


1 – Crazy Bitch, Buckcherry

There is not one woman at a single strip show in all the world that minds being called a crazy bitch if it is in reference to this song. You might be a crazy bitch, but if you f*ck good enough, the singer doesn’t mind. That’s the level of encouragement we need in our lives.


Stripper Song Playlists

Finally, you can create your own stripper song playlist with these ten songs and add to it over time. 

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