The Steps to Become a Female Stripper

When we look at female strippers there are essentially two types of jobs available – those who work in clubs and those who work for professional companies. In one setting you’ll be catering to the general public and in the other you’ll be hired for events like bachelor parties, birthdays or other social events.


How to Become a Female Stripper

There’s no formal training as such to become a female stripper, although you can be given support by your employer. You’ll need to understand how to entertain a crowd or a few people. Look for agencies or clubs in the area who have a vacancy and see if you can get an interview. 


Life of a Female Stripper

The life of a female stripper can be varied depending on where you work and for whom. If you work in a club, you might be on a shift pattern, covering certain nights or days of the week. It will be treated much like a normal job. If you work with an agency for an event, you can find yourself on call pretty much anytime of the day.

Life of Female Stripper


Can I Be a Female Stripper?

The great thing about stripping as a profession is that there is a demand for all ages and body types. It doesn’t usually matter who you are, you’ll be in demand for your skills once you’ve built up a reputation. Most agencies and clubs aren’t necessarily discerning on their employees either – if you’re willing to perform it’s not difficult to find work. 


What’s It Like Being a Female Stripper?

Being a female stripper can be a rewarding experience. Most strippers are self-confident and feel liberated from normal ideas about body image. However, it can be a physically demanding job in some cases.


How Old Do You Have to Be as a Stripper?

As being a stripper involves a fair amount of sexually provocative movements and actions, strippers need to be at least 18 to gain legal employment. Either you, your clients or your employer can face legal trouble if you’re still a minor. Check the local laws in your area. 


How to Dance Like a Female Stripper

There are places which teach you how to dance like a female stripper. If you attend special classes, you can learn to pole dance, or simply be taught a routine from a more experienced stripper. Over time, you will develop your own motions and routines.


How Much do Female Strippers Get Paid?

Your pay will depend on your employment. Strippers in a club may make a salary, and be allowed to keep the tips and money given to them by clients in appreciation for their performance. Strippers working for an agency may have a base rate for each performance they give.


How Much Does a Female Stripper Make a Year?

The average salary for a female stripper starts at £29,500 in the UK. The amount you make each year will depend on your experience and place of employment.


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