Can you hire Mud Wrestling girls in the UK?

What’s better than watching two sexy girls rolling around in mud, right? But wait a minute. Hold on there. Before you get all excited thinking this is a spectator sport…it’s not. No, the mud wrestling babes want to wrestle you. That’s right. They want to take you down. And believe us, they are more than capable! Sexy bikini clad babes have no rules, there’s no referee, and they like to play dirty! Expect utter chaos as mud covers you and you slide around, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have in mud!

What actually happens at a mud wrestling party?

You can take on these fit babes on your own if you dare, or you and your best mate can team up and go two versus two. However you want to shape this wrestling match, you can expect some dirty moves and a lot of laughs! The activity lasts about an hour in total with a little spare after the wrestling to have a chat with your feisty girls. They’ll organise competitions and games and they love some wrestling banter! Think you’ve got what it takes to wrestle the girls? 

All the equipment you need for your mud wrestling experience will be provided, that includes a paddling pool, protective sheets and, of course, a lot of mud! Plus two gorgeous bikini wearing wrestling girls! All you need to bring is your stamina!

How much does it cost to hire mud wrestling girls? And where? 

Mud wrestling can take place anywhere you choose. A company will arrange a venue for you in the city centre of your choice, or you can suggest a venue you have in mind. This activity often takes place at sports halls and sometimes private clubs and bars. Or, you might decide you want to wrestle these sexy girls at your own home. As long as there’s room to wrestle the fit babes will be there!

The cost of arranging mud wrestling varies and depends on a few factors. The city location may vary and the price will depend on the venue you choose for your wrestling.

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