Hiring a Midget in Zagreb

Are you jetting off for a stag or hen night in Croatia? Party hard in Zagreb but make sure you take your midget with you…

The dwarf has become an essential part of the wedding process. If you are travelling to Croatia for one final blowout before your big day, dwarf hire in Zagreb could be just the type of unusual, quirky, fun entertainment you have been searching for. 

Dwarf Hire

Why find dwarf hire in Zagreb?

What exactly can a hired dwarf do for your Zagreb party? That depends on both your imagination and what you are willing to pay for. There are midget strippers who can handcuff themselves to your guest of honour. There are funny dwarfs, who will have your sides splitting for the whole holiday. There are dwarfs with special skills, such as fine dining, juggling, unicycle riding, or any number of acting skills. 

Midget hire is particularly popular among stag and hen parties. Midgets can handcuff themselves to your bride or groom, perform stripping numbers, or tell you jokes all night. They might even challenge you to a drinking competition to get your night off to a bang. 


Where is the best place to hire a midget in Zagreb? 

Although hiring a dwarf to join you on your stag do pub crawl is big entertainment here in the UK, it is a little harder to find in Zagreb. Additionally, you need to communicate what it is you want with any local entertainment company with a language barrier in the way. They may even be angry at your request. Instead, hire a midget at home and have them travel with you. Otherwise engage in the airport prank for a cheaper alternative.

Dwarf Hire


How much does Midget hire in Croatia cost?

Dwarf hire in Croatia varies depending on the tasks you want them to do. If you are looking for a dwarf willing to handcuff themselves to your groom on a pub crawl, that dwarf had better speak English or it will be a hell of a confusing night. An English speaking dwarf costs more but it’s the best way to make sure the jokes land. 


Can you hire a midget to fly abroad with you?

You can hire a midget to fly to Zagreb with you, instead. This costs more than having your midget show up at the airport, but if you have the extra cash, we thoroughly recommend it. 


The dwarf/midget airport prank

Why not try an affordable alternative too bringing a dwarf to Zagreb or to hiring one when you get there. Instead, the airport prank hires your dwarf to show up for your Zagreb flight. They can match your hen or stag party costumes and come with a packed suitcase. They can join the party and make a show of pretending they are coming with you. They can even break out the handcuffs in the airport. 


Midget hire to Zagreb from any UK airport

Midget hire in Zagreb is cheaper if you use the airport prank. Book now with Celebrate Just Right and you can have your dwarf delivered to any UK airport, including:

  • London Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, and Gatwick
  • Manchester Airport
  • Birmingham Airport
  • Edinburgh Airport
  • Bristol Airport
  • Belfast airport

Not sure if we can deliver a midget to your flight? Get in touch to find out.

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