Hiring a Midget in Riga

If you want to prank your guest of honour at a party in Latvia, then here is what you ought to know about booking dwarf hire in Riga.

Dwarf and midget hire in Riga is a popular way to entertain the crowd at your stag, hen, or birthday party. Nothing is more fun than being surprised by a midget on your pub crawl only to be handcuffed and led astray. Trained dwarf entertainers can turn a mediocre stag do into a superb night that none of the lads will soon forget. 

Dwarf Hire

Can you hire a midget in Riga?

Although you can buy midget hire in Riga, we would be hesitant to suggest that you do so. It will be difficult to explain what you want given the language barrier. Also, when your dwarf does show up, there’s no guarantee they can give you the same banter as an English native speaker could. You can hire midgets in Riga, we just think it’s better to hire them local to yourself and bring them with you. It’s certainly easier to explain.

What are stag and hen do traditions from Latvia

Stag and hen dos in Latvia have become an integral part of the local culture. Sex tourism is huge in Eastern Europe, with stag and hen parties making up the largest portion. Čaka iela is a main street which locals associate with sex workers. Popular activities for a stag or hen include dressing up in costumes, going ice karting, or eating kotletes at 3 am when the clubs empty. A word of warning though: don’t drink on the street. That’s an arrestable offence.

Where is the best place to hire a midget in Riga?

There are plenty of warnings on hiring adult entertainment in Riga and the rest of Latvia. Scamming tourists out of money is a popular pastime for con artists and could happen at any time. To make sure you are renting your midget from a reputable company, the best thing to do is to hire your midget in the UK, not in Riga, and take them with you. If you cannot afford to take them with you, you can always do an airport prank, instead. 

Dwarf Hire

How much does dwarf hire in Riga cost?

Midget hire in Riga varies, as do local opinions on dwarf hire. The price could range from €100 to €1,000, depending on what it is you want your midget to do. There are midget strippers, dwarf jugglers, dwarf comedians and midget dancers. 

What about taking your midget abroad with you?

Taking a midget to Riga with you costs upwards of £1,000. This is an expensive gift to your stag or hen, but they will laugh the whole break. If there are lots of you going on the trip, that £1000 quickly becomes less per head. 

Alternative: Hire a dwarf or midget to play an airport prank

Instead of hunting high and low for midget hire in Riga, why not play the prank before you leave? It is far cheaper to hire your midget here in the UK and have them show up to the airport for you. They can cover any airport, from Aberdeen to London Southend. At Celebrate Just Right, your midget will show up to the airport, dressed in matching stag or hen party clothing and ready to fly, suitcase in hand. They might even bring along the handcuffs to make sure they get on that plane… Book now for the biggest belly laugh of the year.

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