Hiring a Midget in Magaluf

Got a group holiday to the Balearic Islands coming up and want to make it hilarious? Midget and dwarf hire in Magaluf is as interesting an experience as it is a fun one.

People hire midgets for all sorts of reasons. Dwarf hire is a particularly popular form of entertainment for those going to stag dos or hen parties. The dwarf can do any number of things. They might be a dwarf stripper, a comedian, or a gymnast. They could be trained in martial arts or sword fighting, or simply handcuff themselves to the bride or groom for a good old laugh.

Dwarf Hire

Can you hire a dwarf in Magaluf?

You can hire everything from a Magaluf dwarf stripper to a midget willing to handcuff themselves to you. However, these things are difficult to find when it comes to your requirements. For example, your dwarf should be an English speaker, your dwarf should know where the boundaries are with British people. They should be experienced in your area. The worst thing in the world would be if you bought dwarf hire in Magaluf only for a classically trained actor to show up. 


Balearic Island Stag/Hen Traditions

The Balearic Isles include both Magaluf and Ibiza. This makes the area one of the top ten stag or hen destinations across Spain. Start with traditional seafood platters like Paella or boquerones. Add in patatas bravas and tortilla Espagnole for a healthy meal… then get to drinking on the famous Magaluf Strip.


How much will it cost for a night of dwarf hire in Magaluf?

It can cost anything from €150 upwards to hire a dwarf for the night. Magaluf is a party city and you should find plenty of adult entertainment. However, finding some that speaks English is more difficult. 


Can we pay for a dwarf to come to Magaluf with us?

You can pay for a dwarf to come to Magaluf with you. This is a little pricey but totally worth it. Expect it to cost upwards of £1k to bring your dwarf to Magaluf with you. You have to buy their flights and their time. That little midget will make your experience as good as they possibly can. Think of it as having an on hand entertainer for the duration of the party. It’s money well spent.

Dwarf Hire


The UK airport dwarf/midget prank

No matter which airport in the UK you are flying from, the cheaper option is to rent a midget to show up there. Arrive at the airport a couple of hours before your flight and have the dwarf show up to meet you. They arrive with a suitcase and matching your costumes, and insist they are coming with you. They might even sneakily handcuff themselves to the bride or groom in an attempt to get on the plane. Hire a dwarf from Celebrate Just Right to show up anywhere from Dundee airport to London Luton airport. It’s the prank to begin the weekend of pranks. Make it a good one with dwarf hire to Magaluf.

Need to hire a Dwarf?