Hiring a Midget in Lisbon

Did you know you could buy midget hire in Lisbon? You can even hire a midget in the UK and take them abroad with you. Here are the details.

What better way to prank the groom or bride to be than with a midget? Hire your midget to show up for your flight to Lisbon here in the UK, or find midget hire in Lisbon to have some excellent entertainment when you travel. Looking for a midget stripper or a dwarf who will accost and handcuff your hen in the middle of the street? This is how you go about dwarf hire in Lisbon. 

Dwarf Hire


Can you hire a midget in Lisbon?

You can buy midget hire in Lisbon when you travel to Portugal for your birthday party, with friends, or for your pre-marital celebrations. Midgets provide endless hours of fun on any stag or hen do. They can keep a whole party of people entertained, have some savage come backs, and will have your party rip roaring with belly laughs all night long. Spend the night partying in Club Noir of Incognito, or have your midget meet you for a juicy steak in Atalho Real.

What is the best place for dwarf hire in Portugal?

Lisbon is one of the best cities to buy midget hire in Portugal. It is a happening city with plenty of nightlife to party on with. Dwarf hire in Portugal is rarer than it is in the UK, and you may need to speak Portuguese to negotiate with entertainment companies. We say the best place for dwarf hire is in the UK, where you can bring them to Lisbon for you or gag your friends at the airport. 

How much does it cost to rent a midget in Lisbon?

Prices for Lisbon midget hire vary depending on what you want them to do. It is unlikely that you will find the same range of talented dwarfs in Lisbon that you will find in the UK. As a bonus, UK midgets speak clear English so the jokes have a chance to land. Midget rental is pricey in Portugal, best bring one from home, instead.

Should you hire a midget to travel to Lisbon with you, instead?

Hiring a midget in the UK and having them travel to Lisbon with you is a possibility. You can have them show up at the airport, case in hand, and surprise your guest of honour. That done, they can hop on the flight with you and be the banter for the rest of the party. Hire a midget for the whole holiday or for an overnight. However you do it, you are sure of a good laugh.

Dwarf Hire


The Midget – Dwarf Airport Hire Service 

If you cannot afford the full £1k to bring a midget to Lisbon from the UK, then you don’t necessarily need to miss out. Book now to enjoy the midget-dwarf airport hire service offered by master entertainment company Celebrate Just Right. Have a dwarf turn up to Carlisle or Gloucestershire airport with a suitcase packed, determined to come on your holiday with you. Imagine the sheer panic on your bride or groom’s face as they work out what is going on. Contact Dwarf Hire at Celebrate Just Right today to rent a midget and prank your stag or hen when you fly to Lisbon.

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