Hiring a Midget in Krakow

Jetting off to Southern Poland for a stag, hen, or holiday with friends? Prank them silly by buying midget hire in Krakow and watch their faces as the fun unfolds. 

Dwarf hire in Krakow is a great addition to any stag or hen party. Surprise the bride or groom at the airport before you leave by using dwarf hire to have a midget show up for your flight to Krakow, packed and wearing matching stag/hen t-shirts. Imagine the surprise, shock, and laughter, that will ensue. 

Here’s what you need to know about midget hire in Krakow before you book. 

Dwarf Hire


Can you hire a midget in Krakow?

Although you could find dwarf hire in Krakow if you really tried, can you imagine the conversation you would have to have with a Polish entertainment firm trying to describe what you want? We always recommend that you hire your midget in the UK and take them abroad with you, instead of searching for dwarf hire abroad. It’s just simpler.


Stag and Hen party entertainment in Southern Poland

The Polish word for groom is Pan Mlody (young man) which might help you during your stag do in Poland. Dwarf hire in Krakow may be thin on the ground, but you can hire a UK midget to take with you, instead. Have them join your for traditional Polish meats at Rzeźnia – Ribs on Fire. Move on to the Shine club for music in three rooms with cheap drinks flowing. 


Where is the best place to hire a midget in Krakow?

The best way to rent a midget in Krakow is to hire one in the UK and have them travel with you. You can hire your dwarf for an airport prank by surprising your guest of honour with them at Heathrow or Gatwick. Alternatively, pay the full cost of £1k+ to have your midget travel to Krakow with you for the stag or hen party of your dreams. 

Dwarf Hire


How much does it cost to rent a dwarf in Cracow? 

Costs of midget hire in the Southern Polish capital of Cracow can vary. The likelihood of finding a company who will rent a midget in Krakow are slim to none. However, if you do find one, the cost will be expensive. This is because a local entertainment firm would have to find a dwarf and convince them to perform the job – but that dwarf would have to be English speaking or those jokes just won’t land. 


Hire a midget to meet you at the UK airport instead

Instead of dealing with the language barrier and relying on a midget entertainer whose jokes might not land, hire one from the UK to travel with you, instead. Celebrate Just Right offer a dwarf/midget airport service. Hire your midget to turn up to the airport when you and your stag or hen party are on their way to Krakow. Prank your guest of honour by convincing them the midget is coming with you – or go the whole hog and hire that dwarf to fly to Krakow with you.  We cover all UK airports, including Birmingham airport, London Southend, and Newcastle International. 

It will be the stag, hen, or group holiday that nobody ever forgets. 

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