Hiring a Midget in Ibiza

Heading to the party island for a group holiday, hen do or stag party? Invest in dwarf hire in Ibiza for the best fun you can find.

Ibiza is one of the finest stag and hen party destinations in the world. Ever since the nineties, Ibiza has become one of the world’s best known, and sometimes infamous, party islands. The tourism industry here makes its living off UK teens’ ability to endure any form of alcohol. The clubs are end to end and the pubs are wall to wall. 

Dwarf Hire

Is it possible to hire a midget in Ibiza?

Hiring entertainment in Ibiza is like paying for a kid’s birthday party. You will pay through the nose for any entertainment you buy. A better investment of your cash would be to hire a dwarf to show up at the airport, or rent a midget to come to Ibiza with you, instead. There are a lot of scammers selling things they don’t have in Ibiza and you may not know till you get there that the company you used doesn’t exist.

Where is the best place to buy midget hire in Ibiza?

All this means is that the best place to pay for your midget hire is within the UK. Buy dwarf hire before you leave for Ibiza and you make sure your dwarf shows up on time, ready to entertain, and speaking your language.

Where is the best place to party on an Ibiza Stag or Hen do?

If you want to do Ibiza right, you need to hire your hotels in San Antonio Bay. This is the party capital of the island. The big clubs are dotted throughout the island and cost more to get into, but they are worth the experience. The best names in clubbing here are Space and Privilege. Definitely visit the gorgeous beaches while you are there, too.

Dwarf Hire

What does midget hire cost in the Balearics?

It can cost anything upwards of €200 to buy dwarf hire in Ibiza for a night. If you want them to strip or perform for you, the cost is higher.

Taking your midget abroad with you

You can rent a midget to take to Ibiza with you if you have the cash. Whip round the stags and hens and splash out on taking your midget on the holiday with you. The airport prank is hilarious, but watch your bride or groom’s faces as they realise that the dwarf that just handcuffed themselves to them in the airport bar is actually getting on the flight with them. Worth it.

Hiring a dwarf to show up for your flight

The cheap way to prank your stag or hen with a dwarf is to hire the midget to show up at the airport. Imagine you are heading off and you get to Gatwick or Heathrow and a midget shows up wearing a matching group t-shirt with a packed suitcase. Let the hilarity ensue as the dwarf convinces your guest of honour that they are coming with you. Deny all knowledge and watch the fun begin. Book your midget for hire from Celebrate Just Right, here in the UK, to be certain of a great laugh.

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