Hiring a Midget in Budapest

Travelling to the capital of Hungary for your stag night or hen do? No matter the group travel occasion, hiring a midget in Budapest can be pricey. Here is what you need to know to rent a midget for your party.


Can you hire a midget in Budapest?

Dwarfs have been handcuffing stags to tables in Budapest for as long as the city has been welcoming stag parties. Yes, you absolutely can hire a midget for your Budapest stag crawl. However, we don’t necessarily recommend that you start calling up entertainment companies in Budapest and asking for midget hire. Instead, trust a UK company you know and love to provide you with a travelling dwarf who will accompany you on your stag or hen night abroad. 

Dwarf Hire


Stag and Hen party entertainment in Hungary

A stag do or hen night in Budapest might contain some fantastic traditional Hungarian cooking. The city itself is full of quirky cafes and interesting restaurants. Check out Pampas Argentin Steakhouse. They say it is the best steakhouse in Hungary.

Budapest has plenty of nightlife for you to enjoy and a pub crawl is not unusual for a Budapest stag do. Local nightclub Ötkert is a favourite for younger stags and hens. It has an open air dancefloor that is epic in the rain. Peaches and Cream is a little more refined. There are more seating options and plenty of places where a Budapest midget could surprise you and handcuff the groom to a table. 


Where is the best place to hire a midget in Budapest?

The best place to hire a midget in Budapest isn’t in Budapest at all. Hire one from a UK entertainment firm and take them with you or have them meet you at the airport and prank your stag or hen. Hiring from the UK helps you shop local, keeps UK entertainers in work, and prevents any awkward phone calls where you are attempting to explain what you want to a Hungarian.


How much does it cost to rent a dwarf in Budapest? 

Dwarf hire in Budapest can be expensive. The price, the language barrier, and the entertainment value are three main reasons recommend you hire your Budapest dwarf to meet you at the UK airport. It’s a far cheaper prank and, if you can afford it, you can even take them with you for a long weekend. 

Dwarf Hire


Hire a midget to meet you at the UK airport instead

Here’s a fun thought. Instead of searching for dwarf hire in Budapest, why not hire a dwarf from the UK to travel with you? Celebrate Just Right – the UK’s leading adult entertainment company – offer a stellar solution when you are trying to hire a midget in Budapest. Our dwarf/midget airport hire service allows you to have a swarf meet you at the UK airport. Whether you are travelling from John Lennon Airport or Cardiff Airport, we can send a dwarf to meet you, carrying a suitcase, ready to travel with you. What better fear-instilling prank to play on your stag or hen?

See Celebrate Just Right to book your dwarf when you travel to Budapest. Send us a stag t-shirt and we can even outfit them to match your party. Just think of their faces! And it spares you the hassle of finding dwarf hire in Budapest. 

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