Hiring a Midget in Bratislava

Did you know you could get midget hire in Bratislava? Before you rush off to find a Slovak speaking dwarf, read this first.

You can hire a midget to travel abroad with you. You can also find Bratislava midget hire in Slovakia once you get there. Why hire a midget? If you are going on a hen or stag party, you can use a dwarf to play the ultimate prank. Have a dwarf stop them in the street to cause a scene, surprise them in the club, or show up at the airport. Hen, stag, and group holidays are better with a little entertainment… do you see what we did there?

Dwarf Hire


Can you hire a midget in Bratislava?

Yes, you can hire a midget in Bratislava. Unfortunately you would face negotiating in Slovak to hire a midget which probably doesn’t speak fluent English. There’s nothing wrong with foreign entertainment, but midget hire in Bratislava doesn’t compare to UK midget hire. Hiring a dwarf to travel with you is the safer option.


Stag and Hen do entertainment in Slovakia

Bratislava is at the foot of the gorgeous Little Carpathians, on the bands of the River Danube. The traditional Slovakian stag do would include a meaty  meal accompanied by strippers or lap dancers. There are a few gentleman’s clubs in town. Choose from the Devil’s Night club or the Erotic Club Nymfa to find good strippers. Women might prefer a cocktail bar but if not, head to 4Ladies Bratislava, near Michael’s Gate, for some naughty fun. Otherwise, use your midget hire in Bratislava to surprise your guest of honour, or to stir up some fun in the streets of Slovakia. 


Where is the best place for midget hire in Bratislava?

We couldn’t find any midget hire places in Bratislava but there surely will be some. Skip the searching and hire a UK midget to travel on your hen or stag do with you, instead.


How much does it cost to rent a dwarf in Slovakia?

The costs of dwarf hire vary. Unfortunately we couldn’t find an accurate price. The danger is that you successfully make the hire and a circus performer or theatre dwarf shows up. Stick with what you know and have a UK dwarf greet you on your flight to Bratislava. 

Dwarf Hire


Can you hire a dwarf to fly abroad with you?

You absolutely can buy dwarf hire to Bratislava right here in the UK. Hiring a dwarf to travel with you costs a lot of money but it is possible. Trust the UK’s premier entertainment firm Celebrate Just Right to guide you through a selection of choices in dwarf. For over a grand you can hire that dwarf to fly to Bratislava with you, in what will ultimately become the most epic of epic pranks you ever played. Plus dwarfs on a stag do… what could go wrong?


Airport midget/dwarf hire services in the UK

Alternatively, use the midget/dwarf airport hire service offered by entertainment experts Celebrate Just Right to hire a dwarf from a UK talent agency. Your dwarf could turn up for your flight to Bratislava with a packed suitcase and scare your hen or stag silly. This less expensive alternative 

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