Hiring a Midget in Berlin

No Berlin stag night or hen do is complete without a midget for hire. Handcuff the bride/groom or hire a midget entertainer for a party weekend in Berlin they will never forget.

Hiring a dwarf to come to your Berlin stag do or hen night can cause the right kind of chaos. The main purpose of the last weekend of freedom for the hen or the stag is to get as crazy as you can and work it all out of your system. Midget hire in Berlin allows you to make that last blow out as memorable as possible. Ready for a rip roaring good time?

Dwarf Hire

Can you rent a dwarf in Germany?

It is surprisingly difficult to find midget hire in Berlin. There are companies through many European countries, but a quick search shows that midget hire might be a little too niche for the Germans. Don’t panic, there are ways around this is you still want to take a dwarf on your hen or stag night.


Where’s the best place to hire a midget in Berlin?

We couldn’t find any midget hire Berlin sites, which suggests a general shortage in the area. It may be a cultural thing. We can recommend Celebrate Just Right here in the UK though, but more on that momentarily.


How much does dwarf hire in Berlin cost?

It costs upwards of £150 per night to rent a dwarf here in the UK. It is the equivalent of hiring an entertainer for the evening. We couldn’t find the price of dwarf hire in Berlin, but we would expect around the €200 mark.

Dwarf Hire


Can I rent a dwarf to fly to Berlin with my Stag or Hen Party?

Yes, you can. Renting a dwarf to fly out to Berlin with you is a viable alternative if you cannot find dwarf hire in Berlin. This is costly but we have a cheaper alternative so stay tuned. Flying a dwarf out to a stag or hen party can cost upwards of £1k. Have them fly with you or have them meet you in the Mitte District – Berlin’s party capital. Otherwise, there is a cheaper way to prank your group with a dwarf.


Hire a UK dwarf to Pretend to fly to Germany from any airport

In this prank, your hired dwarf shows up when you are at the airport on the way to Berlin. The dwarf can perform the handcuff gag before you must go through security. They can’t go through the gate with you though. The expression on your friends faces as they realise the dwarf is part of the gang will be hilarious. You can hire a dwarf to play the airport prank on any UK city, be it East Midlands airport, Southampton Airport, or Newcastle International. 


Berlin Dwarf Hire in the UK

Whether you decide to play the dwarf hire airport prank on your stag or hen, or whether you decide to go the whole way and fly a midget to Berlin to help provide stag/hen entertainment is up to you. For midget rental which meets your needs on both fronts head to Celebrate Just Right and ask them about their midgets for hire. They have a dwarf for any party.

Need to hire a Dwarf?