Hiring a Midget in Benidorm

If you have a party scheduled in Benidorm then hiring a midget could make your vacation infinitely funnier. Here’s what you ought to know about hiring a dwarf in Benidorm.

Dwarf hire in Benidorm is a great way to get hours of entertainment packed into any group party or event. There is a long tradition of stags being handcuffed to midgets, who are often dressed as outlandish themed characters. Nothing says “getting married” like sauntering down Calle Gerona handcuffed to a semi naked leprechaun. Here’s what you need to know about Benidorm midget rental before you book your stag or hen party.

Dwarf Hire


Can you hire a midget in Benidorm? 

Yes, you can hire midgets when you get to Benidorm. You may need to find an entertainment firm willing to rent you a midget before you go there, or it could take up a lot of your holiday time. Watch out for dodgy dealers and always try to negotiate an English speaking midget. If they don’t speak English, the banter element is sure to disappoint you.


Benidorm stag and hen do traditions

Benidorm is in the Alicante region of Spain, in Valencia. The city comes in two parts: the old city and the new city. The popular tourist and stag/hen night location is in the new city. The Spanish are a predominantly Catholic people who still cherish and value marriage. What they don’t like so much is loud noise, singing, and chanting. Back in the Summer Spanish officials warned they may crack down on the loud noise of holidaymakers. However, if you have ever seen the streets of Benidorm at 6pm on a Friday night, you know that there are some places those rules don’t apply.


Where is the best place to hire a dwarf in Benidorm?

There are few adult entertainment companies in Benidorm which have dwarfs for hire. Instead, think about using a dwarf/midget airport hire service or bringing your midget with you from the UK. 


How much does it cost to rent a midget in Spain?

It costs a lot of money to hire any entertainer in Spain. Midgets tend to work in theatres and not all dwarfs are naturally good at banter. Prices vary depending on which company you choose and what skills you want the dwarf to have. You are likely to have limited options. 


The Dwarf/Midget Airport Hire Service

Instead of searching for dwarf hire in Benidorm, opt for the easier alternative. Hire your midget to show up at any UK airport, from Glasgow to Gatwick, with their suitcase packed and wearing a matching stag or hen do t-shirt. They can convince your guest of honour that they are flying with you, right up until the gate. 

Dwarf Hire


Can you take a midget abroad?

You can hire a midget from a UK entertainment company and fly them out to Benidorm with you. This is the more expensive option, but it definitely comes with more fun, bigger laughs, and some interesting photographs to commemorate the experience. Hiring a midget to go to Spain with you will delight, confuse, and surprise the whole party. It’s like having your very own mini comedian with you. It’s sure to create a party atmosphere that you will never forget.

Find out more about hiring a dwarf to take to Benidorm with you, and about the Dwarf/Midget Airport Hire Service, through Celebrate Just Right.

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