Hiring a Midget in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of amazing experiences and dwarf hire is one of them. Along with the hire of everything else.

If you have ever visited Amsterdam then you know it as a city where anything is possible. If you have a fetish you think is to OTT for the rest of the world, Amsterdam probably sells it from a vending machine. It has everything from women in windows to doorways to heaven. If you want dwarf hire in Amsterdam you can definitely find it, just be prepared to pay for the weird privilege. They will assume it is sexual.

Dwarf Hire


Can you hire a dwarf in Amsterdam?

You can do almost anything you like in Amsterdam as long as it is consenting and confined to the appropriate areas. And as long as you pay for it, of course. That’s right, frequent flyers to this forbidden city already know that it’s excellent fun but tremendously pricey. So yes, you can find midget hire in Amsterdam, but it will eat into your holiday budget. Luckily for you there are easier ways to work a midget into your Amsterdam stag, hen, or group holiday, without all that expense.

Dwarf Hire


Where is the best place to hire a midget in Amsterdam?

We never recommend that you shop abroad when buying midget rental. There are many reasons for this, but mainly the language barrier. A midget brings the best banter to your night out that you may have ever had before. They cannot do that if they speak a foreign language and you can’t understand their cutting remarks. In addition, you could spend a whack of time on holiday trying to explain what it is you want, or you could just hire one before you go and travel with it all sorted out.


How much does midget hire in Amsterdam cost?

Midget hire in Amsterdam costs upwards of a hundred euros and increases depending on what you want your entertainer to do, and for how long. If you want a midget stripper expect to pay more than that (remember that sex work is regulated and taxed in Amsterdam). On the other hand, you can pay to fly your own midget out from the UK. This will cost upwards of the thousand pounds mark. There is a third option, however, and it is less expensive. You can pay to have a midget accompany you to the UK airport or show up as if they are ready to get on your flight.

Dwarf Hire


The Midget/Dwarf Airport Prank Service

What could be better: your best buddy is getting married and he is off on his stag do. He kisses the misses-to-be goodbye, gets in a taxi, and meets his crew at the airport. They are all waiting on him wearing matching stag-do t-shirts. Except that there is an extra one… a tiny one… with a suitcase. Prank your stag into believing a midget is coming abroad with you on their stag party and watch their face. It will either all or light up. 

You can get this hilarious service from UK leaders in entertainment Celebrate Just Right. Ask for the midget airport prank and say we sent you.

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