Everything You Need to Know About Gay Strippers

Are you looking for alternative adult entertainment to celebrate a special occasion? Growing increasingly popular at gay functions, hiring your very own gay stripper to perform at your event will promise a high-energy show and will definitely be a fun way to entertain your guests. Whether you’re in charge of organising a stag do, birthday party, or you’re simply in search of something different, gay strippers are a modern way to celebrate diversity. Times have changed and now more than ever we are seeing strippers who are proud to be gay or to perform for gay audiences without judgement or discrimination. 


Are gay strippers actually gay?

Some gay strippers are indeed gay however in reality, a very small percentage of male strippers openly define themselves as gay. In fact, when you hire a gay stripper for your party, the exact details are left to the audience’s imagination. Generally, personal information such as the sexual orientation of your stripper won’t be disclosed to you, although you will find that many male strippers, whether gay, straight, or bisexual, are comfortable entertaining men, women or both at a party. 


Are there gay strippers in the UK?

Gay strippers are available to hire in the UK but they can be tricky to find advertised online. Enquire with a professional agency however and you will find that there is an abundance of male strippers who are comfortable performing for a gay audience. The first step is to ask!


What kind of gay strippers are available to hire? 

So what should you expect when hiring a gay stripper? There is something for every event when it comes to gay strippers, depending on what you’re looking for. Let’s look at what kind of gay strippers are available:

A fun night out 

If you’re after a night on the town, we recommend doing some research to find out where the gay strip clubs are in your area. This is the easiest way to find gay strippers who you know will be ready and waiting to perform for the LGBTQ community. But be sure to head out armed with plenty of cash as strip clubs don’t tend to come cheap. You will probably find you need to pay to enter the clubs and then once you’re in, drinks come at a hefty premium. And let’s not forget, tipping is customary in the stripping industry and if you get a dance or special attention from a gay stripper (or any stripper for that matter), you will be expected to tip. You might also treat yourself to your very own lap dance for around £20-£30. You won’t be short of ways to spend money, that’s for sure.

Gay Strippergram 

If you’re looking for a gay stripper to perform for a private party then this is where a professional agency can be really helpful. Whether it’s to celebrate a stag do or if you’re throwing a birthday party for a gay guy, hiring a gay strippergram will definitely spice up the evening. Gay strippergrams can be hired through an agency that will arrange for your gay stripper to come to your hotel or other private venue and perform for 15-20 minutes, paying special attention to the main man. 

Butler in the Buff 

Promising loads of fun and a formal twist, hiring a gay butler in the buff for your event guarantees your guests have an evening they won’t forget. Whether you’re holding a dinner party or an LGBTQ corporate event, trust us when we say that champagne and canapes are best served by a handsome butler in just cuffs, a collar and an apron!


How much does a gay stripper cost?

Just how much a gay stripper will set you back depends on what it is you want from your show. We suggest reaching out to the professionals for a quote based on your event as other factors like location and supply and demand also have an impact on price. Peak season for the industry is generally those warmer months and areas such as London can come at a price, especially if travel expenses are factored in should your gay stripper be required to come to your private venue.


What does a gay stripper wear?

If you are hiring your own private gay stripper to perform at your party and you have something particular in mind, don’t be afraid to make a request when booking. Maybe you have a thing for firemen? If you would like a man in uniform to turn up and surprise your guests, just ask when booking. 


Does a gay stripper strip all the way? 

If you are hiring a gay stripper to perform at a private event, then whether your gay stripper strips all the way depends on the audience and what you feel is appropriate for your party. In these circumstances, you have control over how spicy your show is. It is quite normal for gay strippers to strip down to just a G-string, or more if you like! 

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