Everything you need to know about lesbian strippers

Smoking-hot entertainment? Think, Lesbian Strippers. Guaranteed to raise body temperatures, girl-on-girl strippers really are the hottest adult entertainment around. Lesbian strippers tease, titillate and stimulate not only each other, but their audience too. 

Lesbian strippers

Are there lesbian strippers in the UK?

The short answer is, yes. Lesbian strippers are available to hire but finding lesbian strippers in the UK who openly advertise their services can feel like an impossible task. You may then find that lesbo strippers are only willing to perform to an LGBTQ audience, so if you’re after lesbian strippers for a soon-to-be best man or a straight male party, you might find this tricky. This is where reaching out to a professional agency saves time. A good rule of thumb – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

How much does a lesbian stripper cost?

The cost of lesbian strippers really depends on how explosive you want the show to be, but this does depend on how far the girls are willing to go. Female strippers generally will set you back around £150 per girl for a 20-minute show, but if you’re after something more x rated, be prepared to pay more. Typically, you can expect to fork out up to £400 for a lesbian show. 

Are lesbian strippers actually lesbian?

Oh yes – lesbo strippers are often real-life lesbians, getting paid to do what they love most. But first and foremost, lesbo strippers are performers and entertainers, leaving the exact details to your imagination. 

How far do lesbian strippers go? 

Well, how far do you want them to go? You might find that premium action comes with a premium price tag, but if you have something in mind, don’t be afraid to ask beforehand if your lesbian strippers are prepared to do it for you. You might be surprised at just how spicy your show will become. 

What does a lesbian stripper wear?

You might want your lesbian strippers to dress in a uniform of your choice, be that nurses, police officers, French maids or even bunny girls. Lesbian strippers can wear anything or, if you prefer and the girls are comfortable, they don’t wear a thing. Generally, lesbo strippers might wear a corset, suspenders, a thong or a bra with straps, allowing admiring audience members the opportunity to tuck in those tips. This is custom in the industry and if you get a dance or special attention, you will be expected to tip.

Lesbian strippers

How much do lesbian strippers get paid?

The average shift for a lesbian stripper bring in around £300. Lesbian strippers who perform in clubs normally pay for their own clothes and are subject to a “house fee” and a commission paid to the club on any money they make through private dances. It’s also not uncommon for strippers to tip bar staff and waitresses so that they send wealthy clients in their direction. Some clubs impose financial penalties on strippers if they used their mobile phone or chew gum. Despite all, the flexible hours and ability to earn cash straight away makes lesbian stripping a no-brainer career choice for many women.

How much does a lesbian stripper make a year?

Lesbian stripping can be lucrative although this isn’t always the case. Lesbo strippers can take home anything from £18,000 to a whopping £130,000 a year! Like most jobs, lesbian strippers’ pay is dependent on location, depth of experience and ability (lesbian strippers are professional dancers and entertainers).

Lesbian Strip Show Etiquette

Not everyone has seen lesbian strippers in action. If you’re new to this kind of entertainment, make sure you check out the rules to save you from any awkwardness. If you are not aware of the rules, you could find yourself in hot water or even left without a show and out of pocket. We’ve rounded up the most important golden rules when it comes to stripper etiquette.

Rule number 1 – Do not touch lesbian strippers without first asking their permission. Don’t assume that you are entitled to touch the girls. If you ask nicely, the chances are that they will fulfil your desires (within reason). This rule applies to female guests too who can be more hands-on with lesbian strippers than guys! 

Rule number 2 – We mentioned above the importance of tipping your lesbian strippers. Tips are a significant part of a stripper’s income, so make sure you come prepared with the means to tip.

Rule number 3 – If you sit at the front of the stage, you are in line to be on the receiving end of the girls’ attention and you will be expected to tip. The higher you tip, the more action you get! If you don’t want personal attention from your lesbo strippers, give them plenty of space.

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