Everything about Fat Male Strippers

You can hire a fat male stripper if you like your men with some meat on their bones. Alternatively, people hire fat male strippers because they want to play a prank on the hen, or they don’t want their friends to have the chance to escape. Funny strippers are all the rage nowadays. What better way to express your love and affection than with a hilarious prank? Spoil your mate with a big male stripper and inject some extra-large fun into your party.


Are there any fat strippers in the UK?

Of course! If you have a taste for a particular type of stripper, you can find it somewhere in the UK. You can hire fat male strippers in and around London, in Birmingham, and even in Scotland and Wales. Believe it or not, not all people enjoy seeing a slender body dance for them. Some of us like our men and women with curves.


Can you hire a fat stripper near me?

You can hire a fat male stripper in any county of the UK – if you know the right people. Although this is a niche service, most strippers are willing to travel from their local area for the right price. Your nearest city probably has a fat stripper in it. As the rise in pole dancing classes has gained popularity in western culture we now also have pole dancing fat male strippers. Just because you are a big boy doesn’t mean you are not still strong and athletic.


How much do they cost?

Depending on how long you want the show to last for or what you want them to do, a fat male stripper could cost you as little as £90 for one performance. Big male stripper prices vary depending on the stripper, too. While one extra large stripper might be in constant demand, there are others who are not so desirable and therefore charge less. 


Why hire a fat naked stripper?

Why hire any kind of stripper? A fat and naked male stripper is some women’s preferred body type – and some men’s. Not all people enjoy an overly athletic body because they recognise the potential body dysmorphic impact that seeing these perfect bodies can have on themselves. 

Some people hire a fat naked man to come and strip for their friend’s birthday parties, or to surprise their partners on girls’ nights. Clubs might have funny stripper nights and hire a range of niche strippers, including fat female strippers, fat male strippers, and even dwarfs. 


Pictures of fat male strippers

You can find pictures of fat male strippers through the agency if you contact us. We have all types of funny strippers for hire in the UK – even plus size strippers.


Where’s the best place to hire a big male stripper?

The best place to hire a fat male stripper near you is from Celebrate Just Right. There are strippers for hire all over the UK and Celebrate Just Right know most of them. Get in touch today to book a big male stripper near you and get ready to party.

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