Everything About Dwarf Tossing and Where to Hire?

Midget throwing is a centuries old game that many consider a sport. When even the midgets involved enjoy themselves while making money, why not give it a go? If you enjoy good fun, a party atmosphere, and a great laugh, then dwarf tossing might be perfect for you.


Is Dwarf Tossing Legal?

The main drawback to dwarf tossing is that it may not be wholly woke. While the world becomes more accepting of all shapes and sizes, it needs to accommodate for the grey areas of entertainment where people have made money for generations. 

As to legality, dwarf tossing is illegal in many countries – but not the UK. In Ontario, Canada, for example, dwarf tossing events are implicitly banned. However, if you have a consenting little person who you throw at an event celebrating something else, then you technically are not breaking the law.


Can you do dwarf tossing in the UK?

Dwarf tossing is completely legal in the UK and comes under the same regulation as sporting events might. There must be safety equipment and rules in place to protect the dwarf and obviously the midget must consent to the tossing. Although technically legal, the sport of dwarf throwing is becoming less popular given the rise of modern societal views. There will always be the argument over whether or not it is disrespectful to little people. Midget tossing received a boost in popularity back in the early 2000s thanks to the movie the Wolf on Wall Street. It seems to be lessening off.


Dwarf Tossing in Europe, the USA, and Australia

In most countries, the legality of dwarf tossing depends on the consent of the little person involved. If they wish to sell their time in this way, there are always ways around the rules. In the USA, Washington is on its way to joining Florida and New York as states with existing bans on dwarf tossing. The UN are against dwarf throwing in general and in 2001 a Floridian dwarf appealed against the ban there, only to lose his case. Always check the laws in the country you are visiting before you take part in a midget throwing competition. 


How much does midget tossing cost?

You can hire a dwarf for around £200 from entertainment companies throughout the UK. Finding an entertainment company willing to provide you with dwarfs for throwing is something quite different. This is a potentially dangerous sport which could result in harm. As a result, many entertainment companies refuse to rent midgets for the purpose. 


Where can you hire a dwarf to throw?

We couldn’t find any companies in the UK who were willing to rent out a midget for tossing. Dwarf throwing might be fun, but it depends on finding a midget healthy enough and willing to toss. They then require safety equipment and padding to prevent injuries. If you are picturing Jackass style tossing then think again. 

You can hire a dwarf in the UK for other entertainment purposes, such as entertaining at parties or playing pranks on stag nights. Find dwarf hire in the UK near you through Celebrate Just right.

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