Everything You Need to Know About Debbie Dumpling

Debbie Dumpling is the number 1 roly poly stripper of Newcastle. This self-proclaimed fat bird is gorgeous, sensuous, and exactly what you need for your stag do or birthday party. 

Debbie has been working in the Newcastle circuit for long enough to know exactly what it is that clients want from her. She is an expert with a whip, comes with her own handcuffs, and will even bring her very own blindfold surprise for the man of honour. Reviewers say she is more than capable of giving the stag exactly what he deserves. 

Here is everything you need to know about this delightful dumpling for hire in Newcastle.


Who is Debbie Dumpling?

Debbie Dumpling is a larger than life stripper who works in and around Newcastle. Extra large strippers like Debbie are thin on the ground, but they are worth their weight in gold. More flesh means more fun, and more fun comes with handcuffs, a whip, and enough banter to put your groom in his place. Debbie Dumpling is well-known throughout the northeast, where this middle-aged, extra bouncy stripper has earned her keep for enough years to know how to apply herself…


What does she do?

Debbie has her background in exotic dancing and years of experience in providing the North East with excellent entertainment. Billed as the roly poly stripper, she happily whips and strips the special guest, usually in preparation for a life of letting their wives whip them in other ways. Debbie brings a raw eroticism and sexy abundance of flesh to any event. 


Can you hire Debbie Dumpling?

You can hire Debbie Dumpling for gigs in and around Newcastle. She will charge you more if she has to travel, so make sure you plan for that. You can visit this page on the Celebrate Just Right website to book in advance or make enquiries about availability.


How big is Debbie Dumpling?

Debbie Dumpling has a notorious 46J cup size. Her boobs are so big that they are famous by themselves. She has a waistline to match, describing herself as extra-large. A true lady never reveals her real weight, but let’s just say that if she wanted to smother you, she absolutely could. Twice. And make you pay her for it. 


Was she always this size?

Although always a plus, plus size lady, it took years of finessing to create Debbie Dumpling’s unique, extravagant body shape. From her massive set to her BDSM style outfits, she will leave your groom wide-eyed and desperate, one way or another.


How much does she charge?

You can hire Debbie Dumpling as an extra-large stripper in Newcastle for the slim rate of £90/show. If you live outside of Newcastle and you need her to travel, you will have to arrange a tailored price. And remember that sex work is real work, so be generous with your tips. 


Where to Hire Debbie Dumpling in Newcastle?

Debbie Dumpling works with us as one of our awe-inspiring entertainers. To hire her, visit us at Celebrate Just Right. Debbie is based in Newcastle but willing to travel for the right price. Debbie is a popular girl who books up fast, so contact us today to avoid disappointment. 

Want to hire Debbie?