Dwarf Hire Abroad

Can you hire a dwarf? Can you hire a dwarf abroad? We answer so many questions about midget hire in this one article.

You may think dwarf hire is taboo here in the UK, but old habits die hard. You can still rent a dwarf through entertainment companies just like Celebrate Just Right. Here is everything you need to know about renting a midget abroad and how to get around it. 

Dwarf Hire

Can you hire a dwarf outside of the UK?

It is incredibly difficult to find a dwarf for hire outside of the UK. It’s not the kind of thing you can ask of local entertainment companies abroad. Imagine the cultural fluff up you might make if you called a Budapest entertainment firm and asked to hire a midget. 

The smarter idea is to hire the dwarf within the UK, then get them to show up at the Heathrow or Edinburgh airport as if they are traveling with you. Why go to the trouble of hiring a midget in Berlin, Krakow, or Benidorm, if you can hire one to meet you at the airport on this end, instead? Save yourself the trouble of language barriers and avoid the potential shock and disgust by shopping local. 

Can you fly your dwarf to another country?

You absolutely can surprise your stag or hen with a travelling midget. You can hire your little person to travel with you, stay in your hotel, and generally inspire revelry on your party/hen/stag/honeymoon event. 

You should be aware that flying your dwarf abroad for a stag or hen do is possible but pricey. Understandably, you will pay all the fees as well as the cost of the hire. It will be over £1k. For the precious memories you will make with your midget? It will be priceless. 

Let’s add context here. They are not just little people, they are entertainers

Dwarf Hire

Where is the best place to hire a midget abroad?

You could hire a dwarf abroad in so many cities that there is no singular place to hire one abroad. You could track down midget hire in Riga, Ibiza, or Magaluf, but you probably wouldn’t get the full English language experience you would get if you opted for a UK based company such as Celebrate Just Right.

How much does it cost to rent a midget abroad?

There are so many barriers with renting a midget abroad. You may offend someone, you might not understand their cultural significance. You could hire a midget and end up with a circus performer through misunderstanding. They might not speak your language and, after all that, they may still be just as expensive as hiring one from the UK and getting them to travel abroad with you.

What’s the best way to hire a dwarf abroad?

The best way to hire a dwarf to surprise your hen or stag is to have them show up at Gatwick or Manchester airport with a packed suitcase, ready to travel with them. You could dress your dwarf in your stag or hen t-shirts, matching the party. 

The Dwarf and Midget Airport Service offered by Celebrate Just Right gives you the chance to play the ultimate prank. Hire your midget from our premiere adult entertainment company in England and have your midget show up with a suitcase, ready to shock and roll. Pay a little extra and bring them along for the whole ride. The pictures will be epic and your stag or hen will never forget the experience. 

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