Are There Any Midget Escorts in the UK?

Interested in a niche escort that you can hire in the UK? Dwarf escorts are out there and they do exist. 

The UK has a thriving midget escort scene. If there is an interest in a particular body type, then you can usually find a specialist escort service to hire from. You can get midget escorts from London to Glasgow. A quick Google search of “can you get midget escorts in the UK” will throw up a shortlist of the best services in your area. Here is everything else you need to know about hiring a midget escort near you.

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What is a Midget Escort?

A midget escort is an escort who happens to be a little person. Although some argue that calling them midget escorts is offensive, the escorts themselves understand that the terminology matches what their clients search for on the internet. Such labels help identify their special skill set and differentiate them from a ‘normal’ escort. 

A midget escort or dwarf escort in the UK does everything that a standard escort would do. The only difference is that they are a little person. 


Is it Legal to Hire a Midget Escort in the UK?

It is perfectly legal to hire an escort in the UK. It is illegal to solicit that escort by offering sexual favours, but prostitution itself is not illegal in the UK. In fact, many argue that we should regulate the sex work industry in a way similar to the Amsterdam industry. That way, the escorts, prostitutes, and strippers of our country would have better protection against indelicate clients. 

To hire a midget escort legally, the seller must not offer sexual services. Instead, they are selling you their time as an entertainer for the evening. If things go further than that, this agreement is between you and them, and has nothing to do with the agency who hired them out.


What’s the difference between an Escort and a Prostitute?

An escort is a well-trained entertainer. They usually work in high class situations. They study hard to become ‘perfect’ women and men. They educate themselves on a range of topics so they can engage your colleagues in witty conversation. They can adapt their energy to what you need. For example, they might come along as a seductress or they might show up as a girl-next-door. When you hire an escort, you tell them or their agency what you need, and they show up matching those specs. The entertainment company does not sell you sex, they sell you a companion for the evening. 

Prostitution is the act of selling sex for money. Prostitutes don’t tend to go on dates or entertain on their client’s behalf. They usually work on the street or indoors over the internet. Generally, prostitutes don’t have an agency to represent them. 


What are the Types of Dwarf Escorts in the UK?

Just as you can hire every type of escort in London, there is a midget escort to match. Dwarf Escorts come in all shapes, but usually only one size. You could hire a midget escort in London who has a degree in philosophy and can debate with your work associates. You might hire a dwarf escort in Birmingham who is plump, slender, or big breasted. You might hire a dwarf escort to entertain and amuse your guests. Although midget escorts are niche escorts, there is plenty of variety within the genre to find what you are looking for.


Can you Hire a Midget Escort in London?

You absolutely can hire a dwarf escort in London. Use a quick Google search to find what you are looking for. Although we don’t provide escort services here at Evengo, we do have dwarf hire for ladies, dwarf hire for men, midget stripper hire, and entertainers for rent in London. 


What does a Midget Escort do?

A midget escort performs the same services as a standard escort. They can travel with you, attend events with you, and spend time giving you companionship. They can be a shoulder to cry on or practice for getting back into the dating game. They usually have unique skills and are intelligent enough to hold their own in witty conversation.


Are there any Midget Strip Clubs?

Are there any midget strip clubs? Yes, although they are not common. There is a midget strip club called Untappd in Manchester US (not the UK Manchester). There are other strip clubs too, but we couldn’t guarantee they have midget escorts working for them. Of course you can hire a midget stripper through us and have them show up at your private party. There is the Horns in Shoreditch for strip clubs in London, but they do not mention midget escorts either. 


Is it Safe to Hire a Dwarf Escort in London? 

It is safe enough to hire a dwarf escort in London although you may struggle to find such a niche entertainer. Dwarf escorts are growing in popularity in the UK but are still hard to find. Dwarfism is a rare condition and it is rarer still that someone who has it would become an escort. However, like we said before, if it exists in the sexual fantasies of even one person, then it exists in real life. Be wary of scams and avoid paying until you see the goods if you are concerned. 


Is it safe to Hire a Dwarf Escort Online? 

It is usually safe to hire a dwarf escort in London over the internet. Look for a website which has been operating for a while. Websites from scam artists tend to be only a few weeks old before their addresses change. Look for a phone number and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions. Finally, if you want to hire a dwarf escort in the UK, make sure you are respectful. Escorts are intelligent, often beautiful humans who don’t deserve to be subjected to anger or hatred. Be nice to your escort… they have networks which prevent bad clients using their services.


Treat your Escort with Respect

Our final thoughts are that dwarf escorts are highly intelligent people who know how to make good money. Treat your escort with respect if you want to become a repeat customer.

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