5 Buff Butler Alternatives

Are you the chief bridesmaid in command? You may not wish to splurge on a full buff butler service, so here are a few juicy alternatives to get your engines revving.

Planning a hen party is no mean feat. There is a lot of pressure to impress the bride, then there is the pressure to earn your title as the chief bridesmaid. Everyone – and we do mean everyone – expects a stripped at a hen or stag… but what if your hen is a delicate flower? What if she doesn’t like skin? What if she is marrying a woman? All of these are perfectly good reasons why you might need a buff butler alternative.

Brighten up your hen party prospects with these top five buff butler alternatives.


1 – Hire a Male Stripper

The original concept of the waiter in the buff was to be an alternative to hiring a male stripper. If you have a hen who is game for it, but you don’t like the idea of a butler, why not choose a fireman, a policeman, a handyman… you get the message. Hiring a stripper as a buff butler alternative doesn’t have to be so gender normative, either. Why not hire a female stripper if your hen has alternative tastes of her own.


2 – See a Drag Show

OK, there is a conversation at the moment regarding straight women in gay men’s spaces, but we are certain the drag artist doesn’t care as long as the show books out. Drag artists are hysterical, or hersterical, as the case may be. They are a little cheeky, a little dirty, and a lot of good times. Don’t do that awkward thing where you hire them to come to your house and expect them to have a script for your party – but do go book a table and watch their show. 

Named Butler Alternatives


3 – Learn a Skill

When we say use your time at the hen party to use a new skill, we don’t mean cross stitching. We mean mixing up cocktails, cooking exquisite meals, shooting arrows, or throwing axes or driving a super car or sailing the nearest river. Go on an adventure. Swing from the treetops. One of the best buff butler alternatives for a hen party night out is to learn burlesque. Try your hand at aerial hoop or have yourself a boudoir photo shoot. Make your hen party about the experience.


4 – The Show Girls

Another great buff butler alternative is to get yourselves along to a cult status show. Say you always loved Rocky Horror, find out where it is playing and go see it. Maybe your hen has a favourite band that happen to be in town. Perhaps there is a festival locally you can crash with full hen party style? Go to the cinema to a midnight showing and laugh everyone else out of the theatre. Whatever you do though, enjoy the show.


5 – The Party Limo

There are various party vehicles available on the market right now. Instead of hiring that buff butler, you could get out and about to party on the road. Rent a limo for the evening or hire a party bus. There are even fire engines refurbished into party vehicles. If you talk to them nicely enough, maybe they’ll even include the firemen…

Named Butler Alternatives


Buff Butlers are Not the Only Option

Buff Butlers are not the only choice in hen party entertainment, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the best.

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