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What is a bar crawl babe?

You’ve got a night out planned for your stag do, but the thought of fighting your way to the bar in every pub in town is making you groan. Or, you’re having some drinks at your place and you don’t want to keep getting up to go to the fridge. Who can blame you? You want some glamour at your stag party. You want girls in sexy outfits who’ll wait on you with a smile. You want Oktoberfest! Well, we’ve got it for you.


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“The ladies were sexy, fun and took care of the money for us. Everyone else in the bars couldn’t take their eyes of us. Was a great experience”
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What does a beer babe do?

Our brazen beer wenches will arrive at your party ready to do all the legwork so you don’t have to. If you’re hitting the town our girls can prepare an itinerary for you, including all the best bars, and you won’t have to lift a finger and they’ll escort you around for five hours’ worth of fun. These beautiful bar crawl girls are experts at waiting tables and efficiently organising your drinks. They can take control of the beer kitty and keep the ale flowing all night. In their traditional sexy beer wench outfits and with all the best banter, these girls are a fun addition to your stag party. They already know their way around your city centre and they know all the best bars for stags. They even know the bar staff and you’ll get free shots at every venue, plus free nightclub entrance!

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What bars & nightclubs do bar crawl babes use?

We work with many venues like Pyrzm nightclub, Walkabout Bars, Yates’ Bars, Players bar, Revolutions and many more. Who we work with in your city depends on where you are and the venues available. We tailor the bars to suit your occasion and group size.

Can you hire beer babes to come to my home instead?

If you’re having a few quiet drinks at home, maybe before you go out to a club, or just to keep it low key, our beer maids can arrive at your house to help the party run smoothly. These bar crawl beauties will bring a touch of Berlin into your home with their sexy outfits and their skills with a beer tray. You won’t have to do any of the work, these ladies are completely at your beck and call with your beer. They’ll collect your empties with a smile and keep you re-stocked with cold ones from the fridge.

Our beer wenches are loads of fun and up for a laugh. They can be at your stag do early to welcome your guests and they’re very attentive when it comes to making sure your beer is always topped up. Whether you’re out on the town or chilling at home, our bar crawl girls will play party games and come up with challenges and forfeits to keep the fun and the banter going!


What’s the difference between bar crawl girls and beer wenches?
There’s no real difference between the two. Bar crawl girls are here to take you around the bars and beer wenches are Bavarian beauties that collect and serve your beer. It’s basically sexy girls dressed up and taking you around the town and fetching your beer! What could be better?
What games does a bar crawl babes play?
Example of games the bar crawl girls will play include:
Never Have I Ever: Players take turns making statements starting with "Never have I ever..." and finishing with something they have never done. Al Kings: A deck of cards is spread out face down on a table, and players take turns drawing cards.
And more games like flip cup, quarters and games that involved beer pongs.
How much do bar crawl beauties cost?
The price of booking our bar crawl girls depends on how many girls you want along to the party and how long you want them to party with you. It could also depend on whether you want your beer wenches to accompany you around town or serve your drinks at your home.

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