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What to Expect from Poker Dealers?

R Stylish Dealer Selection
Select from our lineup of stunning dealers, each dressed in sleek black dresses and heels.
R Versatile Game Play
Whether it's dealing or fetching beers, our girls handle both with flair.
R Expert Card Handling
Our girls know the ins and outs of poker, ensuring a professionally dealt game that keeps the stakes high.

Why Book Poker Dealers?

R Elevate Your Evening
Turn your night into an epic affair with stunning dealers who bring glamour and excitement to the table.
R Expert Seduction
Professional and provocative, our dealers know how to play the game.
R Unforgettable Experience
Ensure a night brimming with joy, excitement, and memorable moments.

More reasons to book…


Thrilling Evenings

Experience non-stop excitement and playful interaction.

Tailored Fantasies

Perfectly suited for any location or occasion.

Professional Dealers

Skilled in gameplay with a professional touch.

Seductive Ambiance

Enhance the mood with stylish, attractive dealers.

Engaging Interaction

Dealers that keep the energy high.

Hassle-Free Fun

Enjoy seamless entertainment without any stress.

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What People Say

"Outstanding service! The girls knew the rules and all the lingo!"
Ethan James

"The girls really made it a one for the bookings! Brilliant service!"
Noah Morgan

"Really sexy and professional girls. Thanks for making the night."
Adam Hughes

Want to see pictures of available girls?

What will poker girls wear?

They typically arrive in chic, form-fitting dresses that exude elegance and allure (or they can spice things up by going topless or nude). These ladies have mastered the art of looking fabulous — whether it’s in sultry dresses or less, depending on what you need. They just might distract you from your hand!

But, if you have a specific theme or a unique outfit in mind, give us a shout. These girls are all about flexibility and ensuring you're completely happy with their appearance!

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Can you hire naked poker dealers?

Looking to spice up your poker night with a bit of a risqué twist? You betcha, you can snag yourself some naked poker dealers! These folks are just like your regular card dealers, but they've tossed their tops aside for some extra fun! They know their way around a deck of cards just as well, and sure, they're easy on the eyes too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hire a female dealer in the UK?
Absolutely! If you're scouting for a female dealer who brings both skill and sizzle to the table, we've got you covered. You can book this eye-candy with just a few clicks online right now.
Where can you hire a female poker dealer?
Looking to add some flair to your poker night? We offer female poker dealers in all the major hotspots like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle, Dublin, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, and many more across the UK and Ireland. Wherever your party's at, we're there!
How much does it cost to hire a poker girl?
Thinking about adding a poker girl to your game night? The cost varies depending on your location, how long you need her charm at the table, 1 hour? 2 hours? 5?. Check out our website for the latest prices in any area.
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