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Charming models ready to serve! Featuring cheeky bums! Great for hen parties, birthdays, & events.
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What to Expect from Naked Butlers in Bournemouth?

R Choose Your Ideal Butler
Select your perfect butler to enhance your party experience! With customizable attire options.
R Meet Your Charming Host
Our hunky butlers welcome guests with warmth and a cheeky grin.
R Engaging Party Games
Keeping the party lively and entertaining for everyone.

Why Book Naked Butlers in Bournemouth?

R Relax and Admire
Your charming butlers are ready to serve. Enjoy the delightful service and scenery!
R Total Engagement
Ensures active participation from all guests. Everyone is included in the fun!
R All Needs Covered
From drinks to clean-up. Nothing for you to worry about.

More reasons to book…


Memorable Experience Creation

Creates exceptional lasting memories

Cocktail Connoisseur

Expertise in crafting delicious cocktails.

Experience VIP treatment.

Feel like royalty at your own party.

Versatility in Service

Wherever you want, we're there.

Seamless Experience

Smooth and professional.

Stress-Free Hosting

Focus on enjoying.

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Based on a survey of 397 customers (June 2024)

What People Say

"Cheeky fun with the butlers turned our night extraordinary! Thanks again!"
Sophie King

"Unbelievable and hunky guys! I'd rate them 11 out of 10 if possible!"
Charlotte Lee

"Brilliant time with hilarious games! Clearly very experienced!"
Grace Martin

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Bournemouth: A City of Culture and Charm

Experience the best of Bournemouth with our exquisite naked butlers.
Bournemouth, known for its stunning coastline, Victorian architecture, and vibrant nightlife, is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you're exploring the famous Bournemouth Pier or enjoying the serene beauty of the Lower Gardens, this city promises unforgettable experiences. Enhance your visit by booking a naked butler in Bournemouth, adding a touch of cheeky elegance to your event. Our semi-naked butlers are ready to make your celebrations memorable.

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Why Hire a Semi Naked Butler in Bournemouth?

Make your event extraordinary with our topless butlers.
Everyone loves a good party, and our topless butlers in Bournemouth ensure your event stands out. With their charming personalities and dashing looks, they’ll serve drinks, mix innovative cocktails, and entertain your guests with lively banter and fun party games. Available at competitive rates, our nude butlers in Bournemouth bring luxury and affordability to your doorstep, whether you're in Boscombe, Winton, or Southbourne.

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With 31 naked butlers in Bournemouth, we offer the most competitive rates, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Our butlers will travel to all areas, including Westbourne and Charminster, making sure your party is a hit no matter the location. The busiest time to book is around 6:15 PM, so plan ahead and book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Let our naked butlers make your event unforgettable.
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