Hire Jukebox Near Me

You may be surprised to learn that there is more jukebox hire near you than you could imagine. it has become a popular entertainment pursuit and many companies are able to offer traditional jukeboxes for hire to your event. The price to hire jukeboxes will vary depending on the event you are hosting and the length of time you need to engage their services, so it is worth having a look around to see what is on offer. We have put together as much information as possible to help you when it comes to finding the perfect solution for your event. So why not have a look and let us help you with your jukebox hire. 


What events are suitable for Jukebox Hire?


Jukebox hire is suitable for many different events and is a great alternative to a disco or other form of pre-recorded music. It makes the perfect addition to locations where live music is not viable and is popular as it reminds people of their youth and has a romantic/film connotation that people just love. The company will be able to discuss the requirements of your event and they can change the music in the jukebox to suit the move perfectly. Perhaps you are having a 60s style revival night and want 60s style music. Maybe you are looking to have a range of disco classics so that you can get all your guests up and dancing. If you are hosting a festival or weekend event jukebox hire can be a perfect add on that enhances the experience for your guests and provides the chance for them to go and find their favourite tunes an hear them all over again. It is a popular attraction and always gets people talking and socialising so it’s great for things like fresher’s week when you want people to mingle or for corporate events when you are team building. There is plenty of scopes to have the jukebox on site for a day or even a week depending on what it is you need. Jukebox hire is the perfect way to create a themed event that your guests will love and remember for many years. Many companies will also provide private jukebox hire if you are having a family Christmas or other event that you want to do something a little bit extra special for. 


What is the price for Jukebox Hire?


When it comes to hiring a jukebox, the price will be fairly fixed as each unit will cost a certain amount to rent. The variability will come in how long you want to have the jukebox on site. You may also be charged travel if the company is not located close to your destination, but this should all be discussed in advance so that you can get a fair quote and understand what you are paying for. Changing the music to suit your event shouldn’t be a particularly difficult thing and therefore should not incur much more in the way of costs. You are mostly paying for the hire and the insurance that goes with the jukebox to ensure that it is not damaged while it is in your possession. They can be fairly bulky to move so you will need to discuss access with the company and of course, they will require connexion to mains electricity which will also need to be taken into account. Some companies do offer to hire a generator if there is no suitable way to get power to the jukebox and this will incur further costs. You will need to allow them access to set up the jukebox in advance of your guests arriving, and usually, this is an unmanned service so there is no requirement to pay any staff other than the delivery and removal costs. Once the event is over, they will collect their equipment, and this can be done the next day if it is not suitable to be done on the same evening. There are several companies near you that are able to offer jukebox hire so it’s always worth having a chat with each one in order to establish what they can provide And also to make sure that the quotes you are given are fair and on a par with each other.