Jazz Band Near Me

When you are organising an event, entertainment is high on your list of priorities and you may want to consider a jazz band for hire. Jazz is a very popular music genre, which is suitable for events where your guests will just want to listen and indeed those where they might want to dance. The price to hire jazz bands Will vary by many different factors but they are certainly worth considering if you are looking to provide some form of live entertainment at the event you are organising. We have gathered together some information to help you when it comes to finding the perfect jazz band near you so have a look through and then use our guide to find the most likely candidates in your area so that you can have a chat and see who is going to be able to provide the entertainment you are looking for.  


What events are suitable for a Jazz Band?


A jazz band is suitable for many different events where live music is provided. Weddings are a great location especially if the bride and groom are particularly into this genre of music. There is something quite magical about live music versus recorded music and your guests will enjoy dancing the night away to the tones of a jazz band. Each jazz band will vary and will have a unique style, so it is worth having a look around to see what matches you the best. Bands can vary in size so you can also take into account the space you have available and what you want them to do on the day. A jazz band is also a great addition to festivals, fates, freshers week and more as people just love to enjoy the smooth tones of jazz. They will be a popular addition to most events whether you are employing them for a couple of songs or a few sets over a weekend. Jazz bands tend to be made up of various different instruments including saxophones, trumpets, piano and more and vary as to how traditional they are. Some jazz bands will include their own compositions whereas others provide covers of more famous pieces of music that you would already know and be familiar with. When you hire a band, they are more than willing to play certain favourites. All you have to do is let them know what you would like to hear.


What is the price for Jazz Band Hire?


When it comes to hiring a jazz band the cost can vary depending on the service you need them to provide. Each band will have their own basic costs depending on how many members are in the group as each one needs paying for their services. Talented musicians are worth their weight in gold and will provide an excellent addition to your event. You may be charged travel depending on how far they have to come to get to your event, but this should be discussed with you in advance and form part of any quote. The price will depend on how much you are asking them to play during the course of the event as they will have a price per set which can be tailored in certain ways to best suit the evening all day. If they are going to be attending the event for a long period, you will need to provide them with a restroom and possibly refreshments. Large venues such as country houses and hotels that are often used for weddings will have entertainer’s facilities available so you can liaise with them in order to ensure everything is ready for them. On the day the band will need to get in and set up and perform sound checks before your guests arrive. Sometimes this is not possible, and they will have to do the sound checks with you there. Most jazz bands are happy to perform inside or outside but will appreciate some form of shelter in case there is inclement weather at an inopportune moment. Once the event has finished they will need to clear down and pack away their equipment and in many cases, this will be done towards the end of the night.